Scumie, SA Hip-Hop Artists To Look Out For

Scumie, SA Hip-Hop Artists To Look Out For

Zamazitha Mnqandi known as Scumie, the rising star poised to lead South African hip-hop into the future, is making waves with her undeniable talent and unwavering determination. She stepped onto the scene in 2021 with a clear mission – to dominate the international music scene.

At just 18 years old, Scumie is already recognized as a leading voice in hip-hop for her generation. Featured on global campaigns like Rap Life and earning the stamp of approval from the late rapper Riky Rick, she is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Reflecting on her journey, Scumie recalls discovering her passion for music at the age of 14 while still in high school. Starting with making beats, she soon found herself rapping over them and sharing her creations on SoundCloud. Drawing inspiration from both local and international artists, she built a solid foundation for her craft.

Hailing from Midrand, Johannesburg, Scumie began to make her mark during the Covid-19 pandemic, using the lockdown period to immerse herself in the music industry. Her debut song on SoundCloud quickly gained traction, catapulting her into the spotlight. By December 2021, she had dropped her EP and was already trending, marking a significant turning point in her career.

As accolades poured in and opportunities arose, including features on platforms like Cotton Fest, Scumie remained grounded, citing Michael Jackson as one of her biggest influences. His unmatched stage presence and dedication to his craft inspired her from a young age, fueling her own aspirations to captivate audiences.

Reflecting on her journey so far, Scumie emphasizes the importance of pacing oneself and exploring different genres. While she identifies as a trap artist, she remains open to experimentation, recognizing the endless possibilities for artistic expression.

Looking ahead, Scumie has a clear vision for her future, with plans for her debut album and dreams of collaborating with artists like Wizkid. With her talent, determination, and clear sense of purpose, Scumie is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the world of South African hip-hop.



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