Manana Eswatini Hip Hop Artists To Look Out For

Manana Eswatini Hip Hop Artists To Look Out For

Manana is a gifted singer, songwriter, and producer based in South Africa, Born Ndumiso Manana in the Kingdom of Eswatini in 1994. In the realm of music, Manana’s ethereal vocals serve as a conduit for his soul-stirring reflections on love and human connections.

Manana’s musical journey is characterized by a remarkable versatility that allows him to seamlessly traverse diverse genres. While his 2020 debut album, “In the Beginning Was the End,” is a testament to his prowess in R&B, he is also a valued member of the multinational jazz ensemble, Seba Kaapstad.

His creative contributions extend beyond his solo work, as he has lent his songwriting talents to acclaimed artists such as the Kenyan Afropop group Sauti Sol (“Feel My Love and Fire”), Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Burna Boy (“Time Flies”), and South African soul singer Ami Faku (“eBhayi”).

The richness of Manana’s vocals and his adeptness in navigating diverse musical landscapes can be traced back to his formative years. He spent six transformative years at the esteemed Drakensberg Boys Choir School during the 2000s, where he honed his craft amidst a backdrop of musical excellence. Additionally, his pursuit of a degree in vocal jazz at the University of Cape Town further solidified his foundation in music theory and performance.

Through his artistry, Manana continues to captivate audiences with his emotive storytelling and profound insights into the human experience. His journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of music and the enduring impact of passionate creativity.

Manana top  Songs

  • 1. Miss Evening
  • 2. Pulchritudinous
  • 3. All the Noise
  • 4. You Don’t
  • 5. Distance – Acoustic
  • 6. Dance therapy
  • 7. Inside
  • 8. Summervibe
  • 9. Make A Tiger
  • 10. Think About You
  • 11. Sunday Morning
  • 12. Unbalance
  • 13. El momento en que perdí
  • 14. Its all the same
  • 15. Decide
  • 16. Gustavo Lamas
  • 17. Electricity
  • 18. Loyalty
  • 19. Cruise On, Fade Out
  • 20. I can’t believe I get to call you mine
  • 21. Berliner Blau
  • 22. Heartbreak on a summer day
  • 23. Monster
  • 24. Summervibe reprise
  • 25. There It Goes

Trending Songs

  • 26. Red
  • 27. Mina Nawe
  • 28. Elephant
  • 29. Broken Solid Side (To Be)
  • 30. Si esperas a Godot
  • 31. Little lights
  • 32. Desiste
  • 33. Tres deseos
  • 34. Roadside Museum
  • 35. Call Me
  • 36. El fuego en casa
  • 37. De costa a costa
  • 38. Tu cara en una nube
  • 39. All I Seek
  • 40. Patiently
  • 41. Río abajo
  • 42. Euphoria
  • 43. Thula
  • 44. Buena suerte
  • 45. If you’re here there’s nowhere I need to
  • 46. El sol Y las Estrellas
  • 47. But you first
  • 48. El funeral
  • 49. Minute of silence
  • 50. Fast Days

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