Da Hood Hope SA Hip-Hop Artists To Look Out For

Da Hood Hope SA Hip-Hop Artists To Look Out For

Da Hood Hope is a talented South African artist and producer, with roots tracing back to Clermont, Durban, nestled within the vibrant province of KwaZulu-Natal.

His journey as an artist began to take shape, and inquiring minds often ask: “When did you become a Qweller?” To which he proudly responds, “We officially became Qwellers last year.”

The essence of The Qwellers, according to Venöm Sagë Da Hood hope, is akin to a revolutionary movement. “I would describe Qwellers as a movement first of all. We are young, innovative visionaries. And, we’re about to make history,” he shares passionately.

For Da Hood Hope, being a Qweller transcends mere association; it embodies a profound sense of purpose and belonging. “Being a Qweller to me means that we’re given the privilege to become the leaders of the new wave. It means the world to me, being part of such a family. It’s more than just a bunch of people rapping; it’s more like a family. It feels like a brotherhood, it feels natural, it feels right,” he reflects.

Stay tuned to Da Hood Hope’s artistic journey by following him on Instagram @dahoodhope, where his creativity and passion continue to inspire.

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