Marcos Alonso Biography & Facts

Marcos Alonso Biography & Facts

Let me introduce you to Marcos Alonso, a DJ and producer originally from the UK, now making waves in New Zealand. With more than twenty years of experience spinning tracks, Marcos has crafted his own unique blend of house, disco, and techno, taking the electronic music scene by storm. Not content with just rocking the dance floors, Marcos has also established himself as a label owner with Sqeaky Wheels, championing emerging artists and pushing the boundaries of sound.

Marcos Alonso

Marcos’s journey into the world of music started back in the ’90s in the UK. As a young teenager, he found himself immersed in the early dance music scene, grooving away at raves across southern England. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon a friend’s turntables that he realized his true passion for DJing. Mixing two records together ignited a spark in Marcos, and he dove headfirst into mastering the art of DJing, practicing tirelessly until he could afford his own setup.

Those early days were filled with excitement, exploring record shops for hidden gems and playing at house parties and forest raves. Eventually, Marcos’s talent caught the attention of club promoters, leading to gigs in London, France, Thailand, and Australia. Each gig opened doors to new opportunities, fueling Marcos’s passion for music and travel.

Personal Life

In 1999, Marcos’s life took a dramatic turn when a friend introduced him to an opportunity in New Zealand. Inspired by the prospect of a new adventure, Marcos packed his bags and headed to the Land of the Long White Cloud to play at a festival called Visionz. The experience left a lasting impression on Marcos, and he found himself returning to New Zealand multiple times over the years, eventually settling there permanently in 2004.

Adapting to the music scene in New Zealand wasn’t easy at first, as it was heavily geared towards drum and bass. However, Marcos’s love for house and techno prevailed, and he soon found his niche in the local scene. Embracing the vibrant and eclectic culture of New Zealand, Marcos’s sound evolved, incorporating elements from his surroundings into his music.


Driven by his desire to express himself fully through music, Marcos ventured into music production, finding solace and fulfillment in creating his own tracks. Transitioning from DJing to producing was a natural progression for Marcos, who saw it as another avenue to explore and master.

Today, Marcos considers himself both a DJ and a producer, finding joy and satisfaction in both aspects of his craft. His musical style is a reflection of his personality – fun, groovy, and emotionally expressive, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences.

In 2019, Marcos realized a long-held dream of starting his own label, Sqeaky Wheels, with a mission to support emerging artists and provide a platform for their music. Through the label, Marcos has collaborated with talented musicians like Max Maxwell and Sanoi, enriching his own musical journey while uplifting others in the process.

Looking ahead, Marcos has big plans for Sqeaky Wheels, with a focus on nurturing new talent and fostering a thriving music community in New Zealand. He envisions a future filled with more releases, collaborations, and events, all aimed at pushing the boundaries of electronic music.


1. Afrika Jitu (Max Maxwell Arfa Jungle Mix)
2. One Step Forward
3. Afrika Jitu
4. Dj Set BurnNight 4LadyS***@BurningMan2018
5. Piece of the Puzzle
6. In Your Shadow
7. African Fondue
8. Wondering Why
9. I Wanna
10. Time on My Side
11. Follow Your Nose
12. Tip Not Included
13. Daphne Dreams (Marcos Alonso Remix)
14. Nuthin Like This – Marcos Alonso
15. Inhaling You
16. Piece of the Puzzle – Kennedy Vocal Remix
17. Smirking Sideways
18. Nuthin like This
19. Leaning In
20. Ni más ni menos Entrevista a Borja Pérez
21. All 29 Goals For Chelsea FC
22. Piece of the Puzzle (Kennedy Vocal Remix)
23. Trundling Along
24. Turklish Delight
25. Taco Tuesday
26. Chasing Blue
27. Bobby Two Shoes
28. Wet Nose
29. Slackin Jack
30. All 25 Goals For Chelsea FC
31. MY TOP 4
32. Dj Set R&A NYE 2020
33. Nosing Around
34. Soft Fold
35. Ni más ni menos (2011) Entrevista a Borja P
36. RY X Howling (Marcos Alonso Bootleg Rewo

As Marcos continues to make waves in the music scene, fans can expect more infectious beats, soulful melodies, and electrifying performances. With his passion and talent, Marcos Alonso is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, shaping the future of electronic music one track at a time. So, keep your ears open and get ready to dance to the irresistible sounds of Marcos Alonso.

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