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Max Maxwell

Meet Max Maxwell, a young musical prodigy hailing from the beautiful lands of New Zealand. He’s not your average artist; he’s got a knack for crafting tunes that’ll take you on a wild ride through different sounds and rhythms.

Max Maxwell

Max’s musical journey kicked off when he was just a teen, strumming away on his classical guitar. But he didn’t stop there. He dabbled in computer programming and even ventured to places like Goa, India, and Japan, soaking up new beats and melodies wherever he went.

Back in his high school days, Max was all about bands and gigs. But it was when he dove into the world of digital music that things really started to get interesting. He and his pals formed a group called Matipo Pyramid, where they experimented with mixing electronic beats live on stage, creating a whole new vibe for their audience.

Max is all about pushing boundaries with his music. He’s not tied down to any one style – from trance to chill beats, he’s done it all. Collaborating with other artists has added depth to his sound, and his performances at festivals have left crowds buzzing with excitement.


1. Twilight
2. Isha
3. Gypsy (remix)
4. Say Yes To No
5. Dreaming In Lightspeed
6. Gypsy
7. Galia
8. The Seventh Step
9. Age Old Sol
10. Seen U Somewhere
11. Nature
12. Continuous Play
13. Bobby Shankar
14. Reality 4D
15. Rock N Roll Buddha
16. Ruru
17. Always Right In
18. Spirit Level
19. Alive On Fire – Max Maxwell Remix
20. Getting On
21. Obatem By Night
22. Moonshine
23. Guide Me
24. Always Show Enough
25. Scene U Somewhere
26. Shudder Man
27. Shallow Moon
28. Twillight
29. Purple Blaze
30. Honey Tree 3 – Paddy Free Remix
31. 02-max_maxwell_and_tky_-_twilight-gem
32. Turn Me Around
33. Beyond the Brain
34. Coming Home
35. Continuous Play { SOFASPACE }
36. 05-max_maxwell_-_isha-gem
37. Seen U Somewhere { }
38. Alley Cat
39. Seen U Somewhere { SOFASPACE }
40. Straightening By Fire
41. Goddess
42. Kind Of
43. Reminder Finder
44. Yesterday
45. Continuous Play { }
46. Rock’n’Roll Buddha
47. Harbour Master
48. What U Need
49. Twilight-Ge
50. What IF I Fall

When it comes to making music, Max’s process is a blend of spontaneity and structure. He lets his creativity flow freely, weaving together melodies and stories until they become something magical. And with his upcoming album “Badgernomics” on the horizon, there’s plenty more musical goodness to come.

In Max’s world, music is more than just sounds – it’s a journey. So whether you’re strumming a guitar or tapping away on a keyboard, get ready to be swept away by the wonderland of Max Maxwell’s music.

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