Kennedy Biography & Facts

Kennedy Biography & Facts

Let’s dive into the world of Kennedy, a true trailblazer in New Zealand’s electronic music scene. Kennedy’s journey began back in 1993 when he attended a small outdoor festival with friends, where the pulsating beats and fire dances captured his heart and soul.


Fast forward to the 2000s, and Kennedy was electrifying dance floors across the country as DJ Genetic, touring with a CD he produced called “Engineered” featuring an all-Kiwi lineup of talented artists. Highlights from those days include memorable sets at iconic venues like Nine Bar in Wellington, Bath St in Dunedin, and Ink Bar in Auckland, where the music, crowd, and sound systems created unforgettable experiences.

But Kennedy’s passion for music didn’t stop at DJing. Inspired by the studio environment and the creative energy of fellow musicians like Dick and Ryan from Minuit, Kennedy ventured into music production, honing his skills and refining his sound. Nowadays, Kennedy sees himself primarily as a producer, although he still loves to spin records and work the dance floor.

Personal Life

Describing his musical style as a fusion of deep, tech, and garage house, Kennedy explores different genres to express his creativity beyond just one alias. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, including his work as a hair stylist and his wife’s artistic endeavors, Kennedy crafts intricate soundscapes that captivate listeners.

In the studio, Kennedy’s setup includes NI Maschine and his Peak synth for sketching out ideas, while he arranges and mixes using Studio One, Analog Heat, and other essential tools. His creative process is dynamic, with dedicated time slots for creation, arrangement, and mixing, allowing him to flow with the music and explore different vibes.


In 2015, Kennedy co-founded Deep and Under Records with Dick, aiming to release their own music and showcase other like-minded Kiwi producers. Despite the challenges of juggling family life and busy schedules, Kennedy remains committed to the label’s growth and success, with exciting releases and collaborations on the horizon.

Kennedy’s music has graced renowned labels such as Paper Recordings, King St, Nite Grooves, and more, reflecting his dedication to quality production and groove. Collaborations with fellow Kiwi producers like Max Maxwell and Marcos Alonso have resulted in the “Wild Army – Vol. 7” release, with hopes for more collaborations in the future.

Looking ahead, Kennedy is focused on building a live set with Ryan using MPC Lives, aiming for festival gigs and performances with the Laundry crew in Wellington. He’s also committed to continuing his journey in music production, staying true to his evolving sound and groove.

In his guest mix, Kennedy treats listeners to a journey through his recent productions, sprinkled with tracks from Serpico & Kennedy and Serpico. From quirky Paper releases to deep garage sounds and tech vibes, Kennedy’s mix promises an hour of pure musical bliss

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