Rorisang Thandekiso Biography & Facts

Rorisang Thandekiso Biography & Facts

Get to know Rorisang Thandekiso, a South African TV presenter, musician, and actress who lights up the screen with her infectious energy and talent. From her early days dreaming big in Bloemfontein to making waves in the entertainment industry, Rorisang’s journey is as inspiring as it is exciting.

Rorisang Thandekiso

  •  August 9, 1989
  •  South African
  • TV presenter,
  • Musician
  • Actress
Years active 2012–present

Born on August 9, 1989, in Bloemfontein, Rorisang’s vibrant personality blossomed in the Vaal, where she grew up surrounded by music and entertainment. From dreaming of owning her own hair salon to aspiring to be a supermodel like Naomi Campbell, Rorisang’s passion for communication and expression led her on a path to greatness.


Rorisang’s career is a whirlwind of success and achievement. From her radio breakthrough at Touch HD to captivating audiences on Metro FM, she’s become a household name with her engaging personality and alluring voice. As a TV presenter, she’s hosted popular shows like YOTV and Mzansi Insider, and her acting talents have shone in dramas like “Sticks and Stones.” Let’s not forget her musical endeavors as the lead vocalist for MuzArt and her inspiring memoir, “The Girl Who Thought She Was Too Much.”

Empowering Others

Beyond her own success, Rorisang is passionate about empowering others. Whether it’s through her books or her community projects, she’s dedicated to making a positive impact and reminding people that they’re not alone in their struggles.


Rorisang’s list of achievements is impressive, from winning awards like the Young Communicator of The Year to representing South Africa at global summits. Her role as the first female host of “Wheel of Fortune” made television history, and her work as a Roads and Safety Ambassador and head of the Sundowns Leadership Academy demonstrates her commitment to making a difference.

Personal Life:

While Rorisang’s professional life is thriving, her personal life remains private. She’s not married, and whether she’s in a relationship or not is her own business. When she’s not busy with work, she enjoys going to the theater, having movie marathons, and traveling the world.

Future Aspirations:

Rorisang’s dreams are as big as her heart. She hopes to feature in ads, host her own talk show, and get into television production. With her passion for current affairs and her love for storytelling, there’s no doubt she’ll continue to shine brightly in whatever she does.


Rorisang Thandekiso’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and positivity. From humble beginnings to becoming a household name in South Africa, she’s an inspiration to aspiring entertainers everywhere. As she continues to chase her dreams and empower others along the way, there’s no telling how far she’ll go. Keep shining, Rorisang

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