Riddare av Koden: The Evolution of a Metal Dynasty

Riddare av Koden: The Evolution of a Metal Dynasty

Riddare av Koden, formerly known as Elegy, is a Heavy Metal band hailing from South Africa. The band underwent a name change in November 2009, transitioning from Elegy to Riddare av Koden due to their underground success catching the attention of Universal Records. Since then, they have been performing and releasing music under their new moniker.

Riddare av Koden

Origin Secunda, South Africa
Genres Melodic Death Metal
Years active 2006–present
Labels Independent
Members Heimdall av Koden
Pepi Petkov
Ruan Graaff
Steven De Pina
Thomas Hughes
Past members Daniel Wilson
Nathan Wilson
Kevin Webber

Riddare av Koden’s music is characterized by its hard-hitting, guitar-driven Melodic Death Metal sound. Influenced by a diverse range of bands and artists across various genres, their music seamlessly blends powerful classical elements reminiscent of epic film scores with the intensity of metal.

Band history

Elegy Era (October 2006 – November 2009) Founded in October 2006 by brothers Nathan and Daniel Wilson, Elegy began as a passion project between childhood friends. With Shay Kallie on lead guitar and Travis Seager as vocalist, the band quickly gained momentum, eventually adding Kevin Webber on bass. Their debut LP, “A Voice Will Call,” garnered attention from South Africa’s metal scene but encountered legal issues due to their name.

Riddare av Koden Era (November 2009 – Present) Prompted by a legal notice from Universal Records, Elegy changed their name to Riddare av Koden in November 2009. Despite initial controversy, the band persevered, welcoming new members and embarking on tours with notable acts like Ensiferum. After lineup changes and a hiatus, Riddare av Koden returned with a renewed focus, debuting new material and solidifying their place in the metal community.

Heimdall av Koden and “Dynasty” (2013) Under the leadership of Shailin Kallie, known as Heimdall av Koden, the band explored new musical territories. With Thomas Hughes on drums and Pepi Petkov on guitar/vocals, they unveiled their EP “Dynasty” in May 2013, marking a new chapter in their evolution.

Band Members:

Current Members:

  1. Heimdall av Koden – Guitar, Vocals (2006–present)
  2. Pepi Petkov – Guitar, Vocals (2013–present)
  3. Ruan Graaff – Guitar (2013–present)
  4. Steven de Pina – Keyboards, Woodwinds, Cello, Banjo (2010–present)

Former Members:

  1. Nathan Wilson – Guitar, Backing Vocals (2006–2012) [Founding Member]
  2. Kevin Webber – Bass, Backing Vocals (2006–2012)
  3. Daniel Wilson – Drums (2006–2011) [Founding Member]
  4. William Bishop – Bass, Backing Vocals (2013)
  5. Thomas Hughes – Drums (2013)


Here are 15 songs by Riddare av Koden:

  1. “A Voice Will Call”
  2. “The Battle Ov Bifrost Bridge”
  3. “Mjolnir”
  4. “The Æsir”
  5. “Heimdall’s Call”
  6. “Warrior’s Oath”
  7. “Sword of Odin”
  8. “Frostbite”
  9. “Ragnarok”
  10. “The Valkyries’ Ride”
  11. “Odin’s Fury”
  12. “Journey to Valhalla”
  13. “Echoes of the North”
  14. “Into the Abyss”
  15. “Thunderstorm”

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