Nick Munday house music enthusiasts

Nick Munday house music enthusiasts

Nick Munday, a DJ and producer originating from the rugged Northern Pennines in the United Kingdom, currently lives in New Zealand. He began his career in the UK club scene in the 1990s, and his passion for record collecting and eclectic tastes has led him to travel the world.

Nick has established himself as a staple in New Zealand’s festival, club, bar, and party scenes thanks to his custom-built studio. Nick’s music, which is part of the Wild Army release, has created a sensation, demonstrating his love of house music and his distinct mixing style.

Join us on a musical trip with Nick Munday as we discover the sounds that have made him a popular among house music fans.

1 Dick Dickson – In The Pocket

2 The Emperor Machine + Bom Carrot – Chumchow Let’s Dance (Extended vocal)

3 Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Kim and Foxman’s Beam me to the basement mix)

4 Freestyle Man and Jimi Tenor – Schrodinger’s Love

5 Ditongo – Internazionale

6 Suzanne Kraft – Femme Cosmic

7 Discotecas – Unknown

8 Skatebard & Laur – Volpi Volari

9 Angela – I gotta Little Love

10 Nick Munday – Ketamine On Krutches

11 Meteor One – Partition B

12 bosq ft The Ibibio Horns & Kaleta – Song For Ehi (bosq’s Disco Dub)

13 Quiroga – Villa Lysis

The celebrated performer and songwriter has come a long way, both personally, musically, and spiritually. Nick Mulvey is a musician, songwriter, and producer whose work pushes the frontiers of songwriting and sound, traditional and experimental, acoustic and electronic. He was a founding member of the award-winning British group Portico Quartet before leaving in 2011 to pursue his own work.

When he was solo, he released the Mercury Prize-nominated first album First Mind in 2014, followed by the lauded Wake Up Now in 2017, as well as several EPs. On his upcoming album, New Mythology, our shared humanity becomes common sense, and humanity and the natural world are inextricably linked. The possibility of flourishing futures becomes a reality.

It was recorded in Paris during the epidemic with legendary producer Renaud Letang [Manu Chao, Feist, Connan Mockasin] at Studio Ferber. Nick also thanks his friends and family, as well as his former and current professors, for assisting him in reaching this stage. Mulvey is now on the verge of change and is eager to share his unvarnished musings with the world.

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