Mr JazziQ Biography & Facts

Mr JazziQ Biography & Facts

Tumelo Manyoni, popularly known as Mr JazziQ, has made significant waves in the South African music scene as an Amapiano DJ and record producer. Let’s delve into some key highlights of his career and notable achievements:

Mr JazziQ

Birth name Tumelo Manyoni
Born Alexandra, Gauteng
Origin South Africa
  • House
  • Amapiano
  • Record producer
  • DJ
Instrument(s) Piano, keyboard, vocals
Years active 2018–present
Labels Black Is Brown ENT
Formerly of JazziDisciples

Mr JazziQ hails from Alexandra, where he was raised by his grandmother. Despite his parents residing in another part of Johannesburg, he attended Highlands North Boys’ High School, laying the groundwork for his future musical endeavors.


With a passion for music ignited at a young age, Mr JazziQ embarked on his DJ career at just fourteen years old, demonstrating his natural talent and dedication. By sixteen, he was already delving into music production, experimenting with various genres before finding his niche in Amapiano.

In March 2020, Mr JazziQ took a significant step forward by releasing his debut solo album, “0303.” This album showcased his versatility and featured standout tracks like “Askies,” “Blue Skies,” and “Hello Mo’Girl.” “Askies” garnered particular acclaim, earning a gold certification from RiSA.

Following the success of “0303,” Mr JazziQ continued to make waves in the Amapiano scene. He released his first EP, “For The Babies,” in August 2020, collaborating with artists like Kamo Mphela, Lady Du, and Londie London. Later that year, he joined forces with Busta 929 for the album “Maba Jabul’ Abantu,” featuring notable artists such as Reece Madlisa, Zuma, and Riky Rick.

International Recognition: Mr JazziQ’s talent transcended borders, leading to international recognition and opportunities. His second album, “Party With The English,” released in April 2021, marked his first foray into the international music scene. With this album, he aimed to introduce Amapiano to global audiences, showcasing the genre’s infectious energy and appeal.

August 11, 2022, saw the release of Mr JazziQ’s highly anticipated third album, “All You Need Is Piano.” This album further solidified his position as a pioneer in the Amapiano genre, featuring collaborations with Murumba Pitch, Mpura, Lady Du, and others.


Here are some of his notable albums:

  1. 0303 (2020): This debut solo album marked Mr JazziQ’s entry into the spotlight as a solo artist. Released in March 2020, “0303” showcased his versatility as a producer and featured hit tracks like “Askies,” “Blue Skies,” and “Hello Mo’Girl.”
  2. Maba Jabul’ Abantu (2020): Collaborating with Busta 929, Mr JazziQ contributed to this album that became a hit among Amapiano enthusiasts. Released in October 2020, it featured artists such as Reece Madlisa, Zuma, and Riky Rick.
  3. Party With The English (2021): This album represented Mr JazziQ’s first international push, aimed at introducing Amapiano to global audiences. Released in April 2021, it showcased the genre’s infectious energy and featured collaborations with various artists.
  4. All You Need Is Piano (2022): Released on August 11, 2022, “All You Need Is Piano” marked Mr JazziQ’s third studio album. Featuring collaborations with Murumba Pitch, Mpura, Lady Du, and others, the album further solidified his position as a pioneer in the Amapiano genre.


Here are some of his notable songs:

  1. Askies (feat. Moonchild Sanelly & Fake Love): This track, featured on his debut solo album “0303,” became a chart-topper and was certified gold by RiSA. It showcases Mr JazziQ’s signature Amapiano sound blended with Moonchild Sanelly’s unique vocals.
  2. Umsebenzi Wethu (with Busta 929, Reece Madlisa, Zuma, Mpura & Riky Rick): Released in December 2020, this collaborative track became immensely popular and gained widespread acclaim in the Amapiano community.
  3. Amaneighbour (feat. Killer Kau, Reece Madlisa, Zuma & ThackzinDJ): This catchy track, released in January 2021, features a lineup of talented artists and exemplifies Mr JazziQ’s ability to create infectious beats that get people dancing.
  4. Woza (feat. Lady Du, Boohle & Kabza De Small): Another hit from Mr JazziQ, “Woza” showcases his collaboration with fellow artists Lady Du, Boohle, and Kabza De Small. Released as a single, it quickly gained popularity in the Amapiano scene.
  5. Nje Nje (with Felo Le Tee, Reece Madlisa, Zuma, Mpura & Kabza De Small): Featured on Felo Le Tee’s single, Mr JazziQ’s contribution to “Nje Nje” further solidifies his reputation as a prominent figure in the Amapiano genre.
  6. Moshimane (feat. Kabza De Small & Josiah De Disciple): This track, released as part of the “Party With The English” album, highlights Mr JazziQ’s collaboration with Kabza De Small and Josiah De Disciple, creating a dynamic Amapiano hit.
  7. Le Tin (feat. Murumba Pitch & Mpura): From his album “All You Need Is Piano,” “Le Tin” is another standout track that showcases Mr JazziQ’s production skills and ability to craft infectious beats that resonate with listeners.

Throughout his career, Mr JazziQ’s dedication to his craft, innovative sound, and magnetic stage presence have earned him a loyal following and cemented his status as one of South Africa’s leading Amapiano artists

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