Bucy Radebe Biography & Facts

Bucy Radebe Biography & Facts

Bucy Radebe’s story is one of talent, perseverance, and faith. Born in Maboloka near Brits, North-West province, Bucy was surrounded by music from a young age. Raised by her single mother, who recognized her daughter’s gift for singing, Bucy began honing her skills in the school choir at just 10 years old. As she grew up in Soshanguve, she continued to immerse herself in music, joining various choirs and performing in productions across South Africa.

Bucy Radebe

Her career truly took off when she became a background vocalist for some of the country’s most renowned gospel artists, traveling and gaining experience along the way. In 2018, she joined the Spirit of Praise 7 choir, where her powerful voice captivated audiences.

In 2019, Bucy decided to step into the spotlight as a solo artist. She poured her heart and soul into her debut album, “Spiritual Encounter,” which was released in 2020 to widespread acclaim. Songs like “Uzugcin’impilo Yam’,” “Thuma Mina,” and “Ke Tla Sejara Sefapano” became instant hits, earning her nominations for prestigious awards.

Beyond her musical success, Bucy cherishes her family life. She is happily married to Thapelo “TP” Thoboke, who also serves as her executive producer and manager. Together, they have a son and a daughter, and Bucy finds joy in spending time with her loved ones.

However, Bucy’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. In 2024, she bravely opened up about a difficult time in her life when she struggled with thoughts of suicide. Despite facing adversity, Bucy remains resilient, drawing strength from her faith and the support of her family.


Here are the albums she has released:

  1. Spiritual Encounter (2020): Bucy’s debut album, “Spiritual Encounter,” marked her entry into the spotlight as a solo artist. Released in February 2020, this album features a collection of uplifting gospel songs that resonate with listeners. Tracks like “Uzugcin’impilo Yam’,” “Thuma Mina,” and “Ke Tla Sejara Sefapano” quickly became favorites among her fans. The album received widespread acclaim and garnered nominations for several awards.
  2. The Grace Encounter Vol. 1 (2022): Following the success of her debut album, Bucy continued to bless audiences with her soulful music. In April 2022, she recorded her second live album, “The Grace Encounter Vol. 1,” at the Sun City Superbowl. Released on September 23, 2022, this album features a selection of inspiring songs that reflect Bucy’s deep connection to her faith and her journey. It includes memorable tracks like “O Mohau” and showcases her growth as an artist.
  3. The Grace Encounter Vol. 2 (2023): Building on the success of the first volume, Bucy released “The Grace Encounter Vol. 2” on March 15, 2023. This album is the second part of her live recording at the Sun City Superbowl and features an array of soul-stirring songs that uplift and inspire. With tracks like “O Mohau” and others, Bucy continues to touch the hearts of her listeners with her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.


Here are some of her notable songs:

  1. Uzugcin’impilo Yam’: This powerful song quickly became a favorite among fans, showcasing Bucy’s soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The title, which translates to “You Protect My Life,” reflects themes of divine protection and guidance.
  2. Thuma Mina: Inspired by the call to action to serve others, “Thuma Mina” is a stirring anthem that encourages listeners to make a positive difference in the world. The song’s uplifting melody and powerful message have made it a standout track in Bucy’s repertoire.
  3. Ke Tla Sejara Sefapano: Translated as “I Will Lay My Burdens at the Cross,” this song is a heartfelt expression of surrender and faith. Bucy’s emotive delivery and the song’s moving lyrics make it a deeply touching and spiritually uplifting experience for listeners.
  4. O Mohau: This beautiful song, featured on “The Grace Encounter Vol. 1,” is a celebration of God’s grace and blessings. With its uplifting melody and soulful vocals, “O Mohau” inspires gratitude and praise.
  5. Worrier’s Medley: Combining multiple gospel classics, including “My God Is Awesome” and “I Need You to Survive,” Bucy’s rendition of the Worrier’s Medley is a powerful testament to her vocal prowess and her ability to connect with listeners on a spiritual level.
  6. Ephakeme: With its catchy rhythm and uplifting lyrics, “Ephakeme” is a song of triumph and victory. The title, which means “He Who Has Given Me,” reflects themes of gratitude and praise for God’s provision and blessings.
  7. Pearls to Swine: Featuring TRESOR and Kid X, “Pearls to Swine” is a soulful collaboration that addresses themes of resilience and overcoming adversity. Bucy’s impassioned vocals, combined with the song’s powerful message, create a stirring listening experience.

Through her music and her story, Bucy Radebe inspires young people to pursue their passions, overcome obstacles, and hold onto hope, no matter what life throws their way.

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