Mmuso Worship – Jesus To The City, Vol. 2 Album

Mmuso Worship - Jeso O Ntekane (Live)

Mmuso Worship – Jesus To The City, Vol. 2 Album Download

“Jesus To The City, Vol. 2 (Live)” is an album by Mmuso Worship, a South African gospel music group. The album was recorded live, during a worship concert.

Mmuso Worship is known for their soul-stirring performances and powerful worship songs that resonate with listeners. “Jesus To The City, Vol. 2 (Live)” is a continuation of their mission to spread the message of faith and worship through music.

If you’re interested in listening to “Jesus To The City, Vol. 2 (Live)” by Mmuso Worship, you can try searching for it on music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.

Track List / Song

  1. As We Lift Jesus Up – Rorisang Thandekiso (Spoken word)
  2. Your Debt Has Been Paid – Koketso Molaolwe (Spoken word)
  3. Jesus Is Coming Back (Live)
  4. Masizilungiselel’uJes’ uyabuya (Reprise)
  5. The Gospel (Madi A Jeso)
  6. The Gospel – Madi A Jeso (Reprise)
  7. Jeso O Ntekane (Live)
  8. Jeso O Ntekane (Reprise)
  9. Jesus is Enough – Koketso Molaolwe (Spoken Word)
  10. He’s My Beginning and The end – Spontaneous Moment (Live)
  11. The Only Name (Jesus Song)
  12. The Only Name (Reprise)
  13. The King is Here – Oncemore Six (Spoken Word)
  14. Here On Our knees – Rorisang (Spoken Word)
  15. Uvukile (Live)
  16. Uvukile, Makabongwe (Reprise)

Additionally, checking Mmuso Worship’s official website or social media channels may provide more information about the album and where to listen to it.

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