Mmuso Worship – Jeso O Ntekane (Live)

Mmuso Worship - Jeso O Ntekane (Live)

Mmuso Worship – Jeso O Ntekane (Live) Mp3 Download

“Jeso O Ntekane” by Mmuso Worship is a gospel song performed by the group Mmuso Worship. The title “Jeso O Ntekane” translates to “Jesus You are Able” in English.

A worshipful acknowledgment of the power and ability of Jesus Christ to overcome challenges and provide strength and comfort to believers. It’s common for gospel songs like “Jeso O Ntekane” to feature heartfelt lyrics and powerful melodies that inspire and uplift listeners.

If you’re interested in listening to “Jeso O Ntekane” by Mmuso Worship, you can try searching for it on music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.

Additionally, checking Mmuso Worship’s official website or social media channels may provide more information about the song and where to listen to it.

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