Juliet Ariel & Soa Mattrix’s Latest Single ‘Africa’

Juliet Ariel & Soa Mattrix’s Latest Single ‘Africa’

In a mesmerizing blend of Amapiano rhythms and pop melodies, French singer-songwriter Juliet Ariel joins forces with acclaimed producer Soa Mattrix to unveil their latest single, ‘Africa’.

‘Africa’ transcends the boundaries of mere music; it emerges as a vibrant celebration of African femininity, weaving rhythmic Amapiano grooves with Juliet Ariel’s seamless pop vocal stylings. With an Afro-pop essence infused into a genre with global resonance, Juliet Ariel brings a fresh perspective to the table. Meanwhile, Soa Mattrix crafts a melodic landscape that resonates with the spirit, whether on the dance floor or amidst a scenic journey.

This cross-genre masterpiece serves as a heartfelt homage to African beauty, shining a spotlight on the continent’s magnetic allure and indomitable spirit. Crafted with African girls in mind, Juliet Ariel’s composition aims to envelop them in an aura of grace and self-assurance. It serves as an empowering anthem, encouraging women worldwide to revel in their uniqueness and resilience.

“When I penned ‘Africa,’ my vision was to create a melody that envelops every African girl in a cocoon of elegance and confidence. Collaborating with Soa Mattrix, our aim was to fuse the pulsating rhythm of Amapiano with a pop narrative that instills a sense of pride and elation. This song is dedicated to every girl who dances to the beat of her own aspirations,” shares Juliet Ariel.

Stream ‘Africa’ below and embark on a musical journey that celebrates the essence of African femininity and resilience.

Stream ‘Africa’ below:

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