Gaba Cannal Biography & Facts

Gaba Cannal Biography & Facts

Gaba Cannal, a super talented music producer and DJ from South Africa. You might know him better by his stage name, Gaba Cannal. He’s like a magician when it comes to making music, especially his soulful take on Amapiano beats. Oh, and fun fact, his name “Gaba Cannal” roughly translates to “Let It Be” in Portuguese.

Gaba Cannal

Birth name Khaka Yena
Born Daveyton, South Africa
Origin Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • House
  • Amapiano
  • Record producer
  • DJ
Instrument(s) Piano, keyboard, vocals
Years active 2015–present
Labels Gaba Cannal Music Pty-Ltd

Now, let’s rewind a bit. Gaba Cannal was born in Daveyton, Gauteng, but he moved to the east of Johannesburg as he grew up. That’s where he finished school and fell in love with music production. He went to Siyalakha Christian School and later wrapped up his schooling at Fumana High School.


His journey in music began when he was just eighteen. Starting out as a hip hop producer and pianist, he soon found his groove. In 2014, he dropped his EP called Abundance, which really put him on the map. That same year, he even started his own record label called Gaba Cannal Music Pty-Ltd.

Fast forward to 2018, and he was featured on the awesome single Magic by Da Kruk, which got nominated for an award at the South African Music Awards. Talk about a big break! Then, in 2020, he teamed up with the incredible Busiswa for his single Umhlaba Wonke. That year, he also released his album, Amapiano Legacy, which was a huge hit.


Here’s Gaba Cannal’s discography for you:

  1. Abundance EP (2014)
  2. Between Emotions EP (2018)
  3. Injabulo EP (2018)
  4. Suit And Tie II EP (2019)
  5. Amapiano Love Affair (2020)
  6. Amapiano Legacy (2020)
  7. Suit & Tie Episode III EP (2020)
  8. Great I Am (2020)
  9. Visionary Episode 1 (2021)
  10. Agape (2022)
  11. Deepest Gratitude (2022)

With all these amazing releases, there’s plenty of Gaba Cannal’s music to vibe to

But wait, there’s more! Gaba Cannal has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the music biz, both locally and internationally. From Vinny Da Vinci to Ralf GUM, this guy has rocked it all. Plus, he’s toured in cool countries like Eswatini.

And get this, he’s not stopping anytime soon. He recently announced his upcoming album Statement, which we can’t wait to jam out to!

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