Amampondo Top Songs | South African Music

Amampondo Top Songs | South African Music

Amampondo is a South African music group known for their innovative fusion of traditional African rhythms with contemporary influences. The group was formed in 1979 in Cape Town and has since gained international recognition for their vibrant performances and unique musical style.


Amampondo’s music is deeply rooted in African traditions, drawing inspiration from various South African indigenous music genres, including Xhosa, Zulu, and Sotho music. They incorporate a wide range of traditional African instruments such as drums, marimbas, and mbiras, creating rich and dynamic soundscapes.

Throughout their career, Amampondo has released several albums and performed at numerous music festivals and events around the world. They are celebrated for their energetic stage presence and their ability to captivate audiences with their infectious rhythms and soulful melodies.

In addition to their musical performances, Amampondo is also known for their commitment to preserving and promoting African cultural heritage through their music and educational initiatives. They have collaborated with various artists and organizations to promote cross-cultural exchange and dialogue through music.

Overall, Amampondo continues to be a pioneering force in the South African music scene, inspiring audiences both at home and abroad with their innovative blend of tradition and modernity.

Songs and album

Amampondo, being primarily a performance ensemble known for their live performances, may not have a traditional discography with albums and singles like many recording artists.

Here are some examples of albums featuring Amampondo’s music:

  1. “Drums for Tomorrow” (1990) – This album features Amampondo’s energetic drumming and showcases their traditional African rhythms.
  2. “State of Emergency” by Hugh Masekela (1985) – Amampondo collaborated with the legendary South African musician Hugh Masekela on this album, providing their unique percussion and vocal talents.
  3. “Afrika Tivoli” by Ole Kock Hansen (2003) – Amampondo collaborated with Danish musician Ole Kock Hansen on this album, blending African rhythms with contemporary jazz and world music influences.
  4. “Urban Zulu” by Busi Mhlongo (1999) – Amampondo contributed their percussion and vocal talents to this album by the late South African singer Busi Mhlongo, known for her fusion of traditional Zulu music with contemporary styles.
  5. “Putumayo Presents: South African Legends” (2003) – This compilation album features tracks by various South African artists, including Amampondo, and highlights the diversity of South African music.

Line-up (as of 2006):

  1. Simpiwe Matole – Soprano marimba, vocals, dance/acrobatics
  2. Mzwandile Qotoyi – Bass & piccolo marimba, African drums, percussion, vocals, and dance
  3. Michael ‘Nkululeku’ Ludonga – African drums, tenor marimba, vocals, dance
  4. Mandla Lande – African drums, percussion (djembe/congas), vocals, dance/acrobatics
  5. Blackie Zandisile Mbizela – Bass marimba, percussion, vocals, dance
  6. Nondzondelelo Fancy Galada – Lead and backing vocals, percussion, dance
  7. Mantombi Matotiyane – Lead and backing vocals, umrhumbhe, isitolotolo, and dance


  1. “Khawukhangele” – 1982
  2. “Heartbeat of Africa ‘Uyandibiza'” – Mountclare Productions – 1983
  3. “The Pulse of Africa” – Mountclare Productions – 1989
  4. “An Image of Africa” – Mountain Records AM242 – 1992
  5. “Intsholo” – Mountain Records AM282 – 1996
  6. “Inyama” – Mountain Records AM302 – 1997
  7. “Drums For Tomorrow” – MELT 2000 BW096 – 1998
  8. “Vuyani” – MELT 2000 BW 2143 – 2000
  9. “An Image of Africa – Live in Cape Town” – Mountain Records DVD AM 4546 – 2007
  10. “Intsholo” – Mountain Records re-issue – 2010
  11. “Langa Nights” – Mountain Records – 2013


  1. “Give Praise Where Praise Is Deserved” with Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  2. “Shango” – Juno Reactor – Electric Melt ELM8033 – 2000
  3. “The Call” – Alan Skidmore – Provocateur Records – PVC 1081 – 2001
  4. “Ubizo” – Alan Skidmore – Provocateur Records – PVC 1036 – 2003
  5. “I Exist Because of You” – Henrik Schwarz – IV15 – 2008
  6. “Ku Kanjani EP” – Âme & Amampondo – Innervisions – IV33 – 2011
  7. “Nomabongo Electro” – Amampondo feat. Murray Anderson – 2019

Top Songs

  1. “Mawethu”
  2. “Mzikayifani”
  3. “Lelilungelo Ngelakho”
  4. “Intsomi”
  5. “Umthakathi”
  6. “Uyinkosi Yamakhosi”
  7. “Noma Ungahamba”
  8. “Ezomngqungqo”
  9. “Isitimela”
  10. “Uxolo”
  11. “Bantwanyana”
  12. “Ubombo”
  13. “Impempe”
  14. “Nongqongqo”
  15. “Mamela”
  16. “Ujesu Uyangenelela”
  17. “Iqanda”
  18. “Sengikhona”
  19. “Leliqhawe”
  20. “Induku Zethu”
  21. “Uganga Ngegoma”
  22. “Kusekhaya Ngomfuyo”
  23. “Inkunzi Emnyama”
  24. “Amanzi Amancane”
  25. “Uxolo Lwami”
  26. “Thula Mtanami”
  27. “Uyandithanda”
  28. “Imbongi”
  29. “Kuyojabula”
  30. “Izinsizwa Zethu”

These are just a selection of pieces performed by Amampondo, showcasing their repertoire of traditional African music, dynamic percussion, and captivating vocal performances.

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