uMehlabomvu – Abafana Bayefana

Abafana Bayefana · uMehlabomvu

uMehlabomvu – Abafana Bayefana: The song titled “Abafana Bayefana” by uMehlabomvu, “Abafana Bayefana” is a phrase in isiZulu that can be translated to “boys will be boys” in English. It’s a colloquial expression often used to describe or excuse typical behavior exhibited by young males, implying that they are prone to engaging in mischief, playfulness, or recklessness.

The song is a local or independent release that hasn’t received widespread recognition or availability online.

As you are interested in listening to “Abafana Bayefana” by uMehlabomvu, I would recommend searching for it on music streaming platforms or online music stores where it may be available for listening or purchase.

Here is the youtube of the audio

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