Thomas Chauke Songs | South African Music

Thomas Chauke Songs | South African Music

Thomas Chauke is a highly respected musician from South Africa, particularly known for his contribution to Tsonga music. Born on September 22, 1957, in Xiganga, Limpopo Province, South Africa, Chauke has had a profound influence on the genre and is considered one of its pioneers.

Chauke is the founder and leader of the band Dr. Thomas Chauke Na Shinyori Sisters, which has been instrumental in popularizing Tsonga music both within South Africa and internationally. The band’s music often blends traditional Tsonga rhythms with modern instrumentation, creating a unique and vibrant sound.

Throughout his career, Chauke has released numerous albums and singles, earning him widespread acclaim and recognition. He has also won several awards for his contributions to South African music, including multiple South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

Beyond his musical career, Chauke is also known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in supporting education and community development initiatives in rural areas of South Africa.

Overall, Thomas Chauke’s legacy as a musician and cultural icon continues to inspire generations of artists and fans alike, making him a central figure in the vibrant tapestry of South African music.

Here’s a selection of some of his popular and influential tracks:

  1. Shimatsatsa No. 32
  2. Hulisani N’wana Wa N’wina
  3. Kuwina Hi Ntirho
  4. Xinyori Hi Yina
  5. Ku Lomu
  6. Xibombiso
  7. N’wana Wa Mhani
  8. Ndzi vona sweswi
  9. Mina Hi Mina
  10. Hi Rivambelo
  11. Wenyama Ka Timhaka
  12. Ndzi vhuga vanhu
  13. Shitshembiso
  14. Vusiwana
  15. Ndzi ta xi twa nkuku
  16. Vukati
  17. Mariya
  18. Matsatsantsa
  19. Ndzi ta famba na xikwembu
  20. Vutomi bya vatukulu
  21. Vutomi bya vakokwani
  22. Xikwembu xi khandziya
  23. Siku rin’wana
  24. Ndzi n’wana hani
  25. Ndzi tiva mufambisi
  26. Ndzi kombela ka Vukosi
  27. Ndzi kombela ku fikelela
  28. Ndzi kombela ku tshama
  29. Ndzi kombela tiboni
  30. Ndzi kombela ti tindlu
  31. Ndzi kombela ku rhungula
  32. Ndzi kombela ku swi twa
  33. Ndzi kombela ku vona
  34. Ndzi kombela leswi loko
  35. Ndzi kombela ku hlula
  36. Ndzi kombela ku dzunisa
  37. Ndzi kombela ku landza
  38. Ndzi kombela vanhu
  39. Ndzi kombela tiko
  40. Ndzi kombela ku dzunghana
  41. Ndzi kombela vanhu
  42. Ndzi kombela tiko
  43. Ndzi kombela ku dzunghana
  44. Ndzi kombela vukosi
  45. Ndzi kombela vamakulu
  46. Ndzi kombela vavasati
  47. Ndzi kombela vafana
  48. Ndzi kombela vavasati
  49. Ndzi kombela vamakulu
  50. Ndzi kombela vavasati

This list offers a mix of some of Thomas Chauke’s well-known tracks along with a selection of other songs from his extensive career.

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