SuffoCate SA Native electronic music artist

SuffoCate SA Native electronic music artist

Suffocate SA is from Ivory Park, Johannesburg, and was found by Paradise Sound System in 2020 after his demos arrived on the desk of Berlin-based A&R/label manager Phil Darimont. One year later, the 100% self-taught producer will release his debut EP, Hlala Nam, on May 7, 2021, supported by Rocco Rodamaal and Klas Lindblad from Blackhead Studio.

1. SuffoCate SA – 22 years

2. Henrik Schwarz – Take Words In Return (Jimi Jules Remix)

3. Avoure. Aura

4. Sagou – Everything Moment (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)

5. SuffoCate SA – Imagination

6. Enoo Napa – Behind the Clouds

7. Da capo ft Marissa Guzman – Dance Away The pain Again

8. SuffoCate SA – Here to Stay

9. Moo & Jo Lora feat’ – Less

Suffocate is a South African native electronic music musician from the community of Ivory Park, near Tembisa. This self-taught producer will steal your breath away with the worldwide flavor of his new deep house single, Come Again.

A song inspired by a break-up and his immediate surroundings, along with a taste of his musical influences such as ARTBAT and Zhu, this melodious release will flow through your body and take you on a harmonic journey in the head of this wonderful musician.

Suffocate’s international sound and style have gotten high praise from a variety of Berlin and German A&R managers. Klas Lindblad from Blackhead Studio, as well as Phil Darimont, an A&R/label manager located in Berlin. Klas Lindblad from Blackhead Studio said, “I really enjoyed working on the Suffocate material because it’s such fresh and unusual sounding music; I believe he’ll be one of the newbies of 2021. Looking forward to the next mastering session including his work.”

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