Straatligkinders: From Garage Band to Festival Favorites

Straatligkinders: From Garage Band to Festival Favorites

In 2006, a group of friends came together to form a band called Straatligkinders. They were super excited and wasted no time recording four songs and making a music video just before their first big performance. The video for their song “Die Beskermer” was filmed in a factory and aired on TV in January 2007.


Origin Potchefstroom, South Africa
Genres Rock
Years active 2006 – current
Labels Brettian Records, Gallo, Universal, Kanada
  • Bouwer Bosch (lead singer)
  • Benjamin (Bennie) de Jager (guitarist)
  • Hein Kruger (bassist)
  • Ruan Kruger (drummer)

Their journey took off from there! They had their EP launch in Potchefstroom and played at cool places like Thrashers Skate Park in Pretoria. They even started playing regularly in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Then, in March 2007, they entered a competition to perform at Oppikoppi Easter, and guess what? They won! People loved their music so much that they beat out other awesome bands like Lark and Taxi Violence.

The band kept rocking out, playing at a children’s festival in June 2007 and going on their first tour to Cape Town and Stellenbosch in August 2007. Their song “Gedagte vir die dag” was a big hit and even reached number one on the music charts. They released their first full album, “Bloeisels,” in October 2007, and everyone loved it!

They didn’t stop there. Straatligkinders released another album in 2008 called “Sweef soos ‘n vuishou,” and they were set to perform at the Oppikoppi festival again in 2010. It was an exciting journey for the band, and their music brought joy to many people across South Africa.


In November 2018, Straatligkinders released their album “Verdwyn,” marking their first new album in six years. The journey to this album began with the release of their single “Wonder” on November 2, teasing fans with what was to come.

The band poured their hearts into this album, recording it in various locations, including their hometown of Potchefstroom, as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria. Frontman Bouwer Bosch started writing the first song in June, setting the tone for a new direction for the band. Over the next three months, the rest of the album came together, with recording sessions spanning six weeks.

For “Verdwyn,” the band collaborated with seven different producers, each bringing their unique touch to the music. The album’s inspiration stemmed from the passage of time and how it shapes people and their perspectives. The band members drew from their own life experiences over the past six years, reflecting on the changes that come with growing up.

One of the main challenges the band faced with this album was finding a balance between their heavy rock roots and the more popular pop sounds heard on the radio. However, they approached this challenge with an open mind, determined not to compromise their artistic integrity. For them, making music was about evolving while staying true to their voice and what they wanted to express.

Ultimately, “Verdwyn” represents a journey of growth and exploration for Straatligkinders, as they navigate the complexities of life and music, all while staying true to themselves.

Kom Saam

In August 2021, Straatligkinders unveiled their latest single, “Kom Saam,” marking their return after the release of their last album, “Verdwyn,” in 2018. This single serves as the first taste of a new collection of songs and collaborations on the horizon.

The inspiration for “Kom Saam” struck in June when a producer friend of the band, Spencer Harvey, shared a song he had crafted specifically for them. The music sparked creativity, leading to the creation of the rest of the song. With its exciting new sound, the single represents a departure for Straatligkinders, blending rock with electronic elements.

“Kom Saam” carries a poignant message, inviting listeners to confront their vulnerabilities and embrace the idea of companionship. It’s about acknowledging one’s flaws and expressing a desire not to journey through life alone anymore. According to frontman Bouwer Bosch, the song captures a moment of raw honesty, where individuals let go of their insecurities and connect with others who feel the same way.

With its high-energy vibe, “Kom Saam” fuses rock with electronic influences, tapping into contemporary sounds and genres. Offering a modern pop-punk twist, the song appeals to both longtime fans of Straatligkinders and newcomers alike, showcasing the band’s evolution while staying true to their signature style.


  • 2007 ATKV Lier-award, (Bloeisels)
  • 2008 Sondag VAMT, Best Alternative Album, (Bloeisels)
  • 2009 MK award, Best Group
  • 2009 Vonk Afrikaans Music award, Best Spiritual Album,(Sweef soos ʼn Vuishou)
  • 2009 Vonk Afrikaans Music award, Beste Alternative Album,(Sweef soos ʼn Vuishou)
  • 2013 Ghoema award, Best Rock Album,(Konings met Verskonings)



  1. 2006: Maak Jou Oë Toe En Jou Hart Oop
    • “Klassieke Geveg”
    • “Elektriese Blomme”
    • “Genesing”
    • “Kruis My Hart”
  2. 2006: Bloeisels
    • “Verander Die Wêreld Deur By Jouself Te Begin” – 3:52
    • “Gedagte Vir Die Dag” – 3:09
    • “Sien Is Glo..Jou Keuse” – 3:44
    • “Die Beskermer” – 4:05
    • “Die Avontuur Van ‘n Hartbreek” – 3:35
    • “Kan Ek Met Jou Dans” – 3:24
    • “Bloeisels” – 2:39
    • “Blanke Skaamte” – 2:27
    • “Jou Seer Is Die Brug Na Iemand Anders Se Hart” – 3:40
    • “Totsiens” – 5:14
  3. 2008: Sweef Soos ‘n Vuishou
    • “Inleiding”
    • “Neem My Weg”
    • “Gewonde Standbeeld”
    • “Die Vrae Op Jou Arms”
    • “Die Relevansie Van Vriendskap”
    • “Desvalido (Met Koldproduk)”
    • “Swaarder As ‘n Swaard”
    • “D Vir Dans En L Vir Leuns”
    • “Laat Jou Vuiste Sweef En Skree”
    • “Eerlikheid Al Maak Dit Seer”
    • “Gebrande Lippe”
    • “Die Kuns Om Eg Te Wees”
  4. 2010: Lank lank Oorlede en Ses Voet Benede
    • “Oudisie een”
    • “Helde het ook helde”
    • “Kinderkrans”
    • “Vredevegter”
    • “Die stof wat jy los”
    • “Jy vermaak my naar”
    • “Ink asem”
    • “Prins”
    • “Hande wat dra”
    • “Reisigers”
  5. 2012: Konings Met Verskonings
    • “Tweede handse engele”
    • “Mooier as gedigte”
    • “Fluister fluister”
    • “Trane”
    • “Voete van klei”
    • “Duiwel dans”
    • “Sketse”
    • “Petrus”
    • “Engele skree”
    • “Verlore seën”
    • “Brandwonde”
  6. 2018: Verdwyn
    • “Verkyker”
    • “Dorings”
    • “Nikodemus (feat. Hemelbesem)”
    • “Woord Vir Woord”
    • “Wonder”
    • “Herinner (feat. Lucinda Neethling)”
    • “Krake”
    • “Wvk”
    • “Sak Sarel”
    • “Verdwyn”
    • “Ek Wil Jou Nooit Weer Sien”
    • “Verdwyn (Unplugged)”
    • “Verkyker (Unplugged)”


  • 2019:
    • “Goliat”
    • “Asem”
  • 2020:
    • “Storms”
  • 2021:
    • “Kom Saam”
    • “Dapper ft. Francois van Coke”

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