Stogie T Upcoming EP, ‘Shallow’

Stogie T Upcoming EP, ‘Shallow’

Stogie T has been silent on the album front for quite some time, ever since his release of ‘The Empire Of Sheep (Deluxe Unmasked)’ back in 2020. In the interim, he’s been keeping fans engaged with Instagram freestyles and a sprinkling of singles, often teaming up with Chinese Man for collaborations.

Now, he’s gearing up to drop a new EP titled ‘Shallow’, comprising six tracks, all drawing inspiration from the vibrant era of the 80s. For Stogie T, this period holds a special allure, having spent his formative years in exile. It was a time of intense struggle against apartheid, yet also marked by the rise of icons like Brenda Fassie, who packed stadiums with her performances.

Sonically, ‘Shallow’ embraces the synth-heavy sounds synonymous with the 80s, evoking memories of disco and bubblegum pop. The EP even pays homage to Brenda Fassie with a remake of her hit ‘Too Late’, a rendition Stogie T and his band performed following a podcast recording.

In terms of lyrics, Stogie T delves into the complexities of our world, exploring its beauty and its flaws. Throughout his conversation, the theme of “juxtaposition” emerged frequently. In dissecting his single ‘80s Love’, he highlighted the bittersweet nature of relationships, exemplified by lines like “Winnie in a perm love” and “visitin’ Madiba in a cell love”, which, despite their depth, ended in divorce.

‘Shallow’ is out mid-March.

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