Shane Eagle Biography: South Africa’s Rising Hip-Hop Star

Shane Eagle Biography: South Africa's Rising Hip-Hop Star

Shane Patrick Hughes, better known by his stage name Shane Eagle. Born on June 7, 1996, in Rabie Ridge, Johannesburg, Shane is a talented South African rapper and songwriter who’s been making waves in the music scene since 2015.

Shane Eagle

Shane Patrick Hughes

7 June 1996 (age 27)

Rabie Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Rapper
  • singer
  • songwriter
Years active 2009–present
Awards Best Hip Hop Album 2016 SAMMA Awards
Musical career
Genres Hip hop
Instruments Vocals
  • Eagle Entertainment (current)
  • Feel Good Music (former)

Early Life

Shane’s musical journey began at a young age, growing up in Johannesburg with influences from his Coloured mother and Irish father. After his parents’ divorce when he was just five, Shane moved in with his father but remained close to his mother, who continued to reside in Rabie Ridge. It was during his high school years that Shane, inspired by his friends and his surroundings, started rapping and recording his own music.

Rise to Fame

In 2015, Shane shot to fame after competing on the first season of the Vuzu rapping reality show, The Hustle. Though he finished fourth, his talent caught the attention of the public, and he quickly gained a dedicated fan base. Following the show, Shane released his debut single “Way Up,” featuring fellow contestant BigStar Johnson, which received widespread acclaim and airplay on South African radio stations.

Career Highlights

Shane’s debut album, “Yellow,” dropped in 2017, featuring the gold-certified hit single “Let It Flow.” The album garnered critical praise, earning Shane the Best Hip Hop Album award at the South African Music Awards. He embarked on his first tour, “The Yellow Tour,” showcasing his electrifying performances across the country.

In 2019, Shane released his debut mixtape, “Dark Moon Flower,” which showcased his growth as an artist and featured collaborations with notable American and South African artists. Following the success of “Dark Moon Flower,” Shane dropped his first EP, “Never Grow Up,” which achieved gold status, further solidifying his position in the industry.

Continued Success

Shane’s musical journey continues with the release of his second album, “Green,” in March 2022. With his distinctive style and introspective lyrics, Shane continues to captivate audiences and push boundaries in the hip-hop scene. His latest singles, including “Ammo” featuring YoungstaCPT and “Skydream” featuring Redveil, demonstrate his versatility and evolution as an artist.

Discography Highlights:

  • Albums: “Yellow” (2017), “Green” (2022)
  • Mixtape: “Dark Moon Flower” (2019)
  • EP: “Never Grow Up” (2018)


  1. “Yellow” (2017)
    • Let It Flow
    • Need Me
    • Gustavo
    • The Moon
  2. “Green” (2022)
    • Songs from this album might not be available yet.


  1. “Dark Moon Flower” (2019)
    • The tracklist for this mixtape includes features from Kota the Friend, Santi, Caleborate, Lute, Bas, The Hics, Nasty C, and PatrickxxLee, but individual songs are not listed.


  1. “Never Grow Up” (2018)
    • The EP includes the gold-certified track “Let It Flow.” Other songs from this EP might include “Black Rick” and “The Moon.”


  1. Way Up (featuring Big Star Johnson)
  2. I’m Back
  3. Cutting Corners
  4. Top Floor (with Big Star Johnson)
  5. Let It Flow
  6. Black Rick
  7. Need Me
  8. Gustavo
  9. The Moon
  10. Ap3x (Remastered) (featuring Bas)
  11. Black
  12. Paris (featuring Nasty C)
  13. Ammo (featuring YoungstaCPT)
  14. Skydream (featuring Redveil)

As Featured Artist:

  1. Now or Never (DJ Switch featuring Shane Eagle, ProVerb, Reason, and Kwesta)
  2. Mayo (DJ Speedsta featuring Yung Swiss, Tellaman, Shane Eagle, and Frank Casino)
  3. Pillow Talk (Priddy Ugly featuring Refi Sings, KLY, and Shane Eagle)

Singles and Collaborations:

Shane’s discography boasts a diverse range of singles and collaborations, showcasing his versatility and talent as a rapper and songwriter.

So, if you’re looking for authentic South African hip-hop with substance and style, look no further than Shane Eagle. With his unique blend of lyrical prowess and captivating beats, Shane is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of hip-hop, destined for even greater heights in the years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shane Eagle:

Who is Shane Eagle?

Shane Eagle, born Shane Patrick Hughes on June 7, 1996, is a renowned South African rapper and songwriter known for his introspective lyrics and captivating beats.

How did Shane Eagle rise to fame?

Shane gained recognition after finishing fourth on the first season of the Vuzu rapping reality competition, The Hustle, in 2015. His debut single “Way Up” featuring BigStar Johnson garnered widespread acclaim and marked the beginning of his musical journey.

What are some of Shane Eagle’s notable achievements?

Shane’s debut album “Yellow,” released in 2017, received critical praise and won the Best Hip Hop Album award at the South African Music Awards. His singles, including “Let It Flow,” have achieved gold status, further solidifying his success in the industry.

What is Shane Eagle’s musical style?

Shane’s musical style is characterized by introspective lyrics, poignant storytelling, and diverse beats. He seamlessly blends elements of hip-hop, rap, and R&B, creating a unique sound that resonates with audiences.

What are some of Shane Eagle’s popular songs?

Some of Shane’s popular songs include “Let It Flow,” “Way Up,” “Gustavo,” “Paris,” and “Ammo” featuring YoungstaCPT. These tracks showcase his versatility and lyrical prowess.

Has Shane Eagle collaborated with other artists? Yes,

Shane has collaborated with both South African and international artists. Some notable collaborations include features with Nasty C, Bas, Kota the Friend, Santi, and YoungstaCPT, among others.

What albums and projects has Shane Eagle released?

Shane has released several albums, mixtapes, and EPs throughout his career. His debut album “Yellow” (2017) and mixtape “Dark Moon Flower” (2019) are among his notable projects, along with his EP “Never Grow Up” (2018).

Where can I listen to Shane Eagle’s music?

Shane’s music is available on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Fans can also follow him on social media for updates on new releases and upcoming projects.

What’s next for Shane Eagle?

As of the latest information, Shane continues to evolve as an artist and explore new creative avenues. Fans can expect more groundbreaking music and collaborations from him in the future as he continues to push the boundaries of South African hip-hop.

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