Senior Oat – Mixtape Live

Senior Oat - Mixtape Live

Senior Oat – Mixtape: Senior Oat electrified guests at the Sea Water Boutique Lodge with an unforgettable session, now immortalized in his 100% Production Mixtape.

More than just tracks, Senior Oat crafts melodies that resonate with everyone, from the avid groovers to the devout. Featuring his latest creations, this mixtape is a testament to his versatility and innovation, promising not to disappoint his dedicated fanbase.

Recorded live at the Sea Water Boutique Lodge, this mixtape exudes quality and perfection, despite its humble origins. Guaranteed to get you on your feet, it’s the ideal soundtrack to welcome students back to classrooms across the country.


  1. Senior Oat & Dearson-Ngiphelele
  2. Senior OatMzweshper_SA,Ms Abbey,Andy Lesh-Reason To Pray
  3. Senior Oat-Free(feat. Bukeka)
  4. Senior Oat-Find You(Feat. Alice Orion)
  5. Senior Oat-For My Good(Feat. Amor)
  6. Senior Oat-Uphakeme(Feat. Zamoe)
  7. Senior Oat-It Is Well(Feat. Oliphant Gold & Romeo ThaGreatwhite)
  8. Senior Oat-Give Me Jesus(Feat. @mzweshper_sa)
  9. Senior Oat-All In You(Feat. Kemy Chienda)
  10. Senior Oat-S’khanyisele(Feat. Sir Bless)
  11. Senior Oat & Chronical Deep-#######
  12. Senior Oat-Yahw(Feat. Lizwi M SA)

Live Mix 2024

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