Scumie New Single ‘Another Day Another Dollar (Tholi Mali)

Scumie Drops New Single ‘Another Day Another Dollar (Tholi Mali)’ + Visualiser

Scumie has just released her highly anticipated single, ‘Another Day Another Dollar (Tholi Mali)’, accompanied by a captivating visualiser.

The track serves as an inspirational anthem, celebrating the virtues of hustle, perseverance, and ambition. Scumie underscores the importance of maintaining one’s drive and determination to achieve success in life.

With her autotuned, melodious delivery, Scumie offers a lyrical performance that is both emotive and uplifting. The single is further enriched by layered, ethereal vocals throughout.

In the visualiser, Scumie presents her verses against the backdrop of a serene natural setting, enhancing the overall message of the song.

Experience the empowering vibes of ‘Another Day Another Dollar (Tholi Mali)’ and immerse yourself in the official visualiser by streaming it below: [Stream Link]

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