Rutendo Matinyarare Biography

rutendo matinyarare biography

Rutendo Benson Matinyarare, born on June 6, 1976, in Harare, Zimbabwe, has emerged as a prominent figure in Zimbabwean activism. His unwavering commitment to challenging sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western powers has earned him recognition as a tireless anti-sanctions advocate.

Rutendo Matinyarare

Born June 6, 1976 (age 47)

Harare, Zimbabwe
Nationality Zimbabwean
Occupation Sanctions Activist, Social Commentator. Journalist, Non-GMO Advocate

As the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Movement (ZASM) and founder of Zimbabweans Unite Against US War Sanctions (ZUAUWS), Rutendo has spearheaded efforts to shed light on the detrimental impact of sanctions on Zimbabwe’s economy and its people. Despite operating without a substantial budget, Rutendo’s strategic approach has brought attention to otherwise unpopular issues, making them mainstream topics of discussion.


Rutendo’s advocacy against sanctions has been characterized by vigorous debates and engagements at both national and international levels. He has fearlessly challenged the legality and impact of sanctions, engaging with UN special rapporteurs and lobbying for their removal. Rutendo’s efforts were pivotal in convincing the Zimbabwean government to launch a comprehensive legal and publicity campaign against sanctions, ultimately leading to the enactment of the Patriotic Act aimed at punishing citizens colluding with foreign entities to undermine Zimbabwe’s interests.

His relentless social media campaigns and proactive proposals prompted significant action, culminating in the removal of US sanctions on Zimbabwe in March 2024. The official announcement of the sanctions’ removal on the US government’s website underscored the efficacy of Rutendo’s advocacy efforts.


Beyond his activism, Rutendo is a seasoned marketing and brand architect, possessing certifications from the Institute of Marketing Management of South Africa and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). His proficiency in project management is evidenced by his PRINCE 2 Project Management Practitioner certification, highlighting his multifaceted skill set.


Rutendo’s activism has not been without controversy, as he has found himself embroiled in legal disputes stemming from his outspoken nature. Lawsuits filed against him by prominent figures like telecommunications mogul Strive Masiyiwa and Innscor Corporation attest to the contentious nature of his advocacy.

Despite facing legal challenges, Rutendo remains undeterred in his pursuit of justice and accountability. His bold stance on social media, including controversial statements regarding inter-ethnic relationships, reflects his unapologetic commitment to challenging societal norms and advocating for change.


Rutendo Benson Matinyarare’s legacy as a champion of Zimbabwe’s cause is characterized by his unwavering dedication to addressing pressing issues facing his homeland. Through his activism, he has catalyzed meaningful dialogue, influenced policy decisions, and brought about tangible change, leaving an indelible mark on Zimbabwe’s socio-political landscape.

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