Rosetta D33p Biography & Facts

Rosetta D33p Biography & Facts

The vibrant world of Rosetta D33p, a talented DJ and producer making waves in the South African music scene!

Rosetta D33p, whose real name is Rosetta Molefe, is part of a select group of DJs and producers being nurtured by The Godfathers of Deep House SA. These mentors provide invaluable guidance, teaching, and a platform for emerging talent like Rosetta to shine not only in South Africa but also on the international stage.

Rosetta’s journey into the world of music began when she had the incredible opportunity to meet and chat with The Godfathers at one of their gigs. Inspired by their passion and expertise, Rosetta seized the chance to learn from the best. Under their mentorship, she honed her DJing skills and later ventured into music production, creating mixtapes like “Chilling With Rosetta D33p,” which garnered international recognition early in her career.

While Rosetta wasn’t initially into house music, she found that deep house resonated with her personality – calm and deep by nature. The Godfathers played a significant role in deepening her love for the genre and helping her discover her own unique style.

Influenced by legends like The Godfathers, Black Coffee, and Davido, Rosetta’s musical journey is all about breaking barriers, spreading positive vibes, and connecting with people through music.

Under the mentorship of The Godfathers, Rosetta hosts her own show, “Deep And Sexy With Rosetta D33p,” on their international online radio platform. This exposure has opened doors to numerous opportunities and helped her grow not only as a musician but also as an individual.

Rosetta’s musical style as a DJ is deep, soulful, and classic, reflecting her personality and love for timeless music. She aims to touch people’s lives, heal, empower, and bring happiness through her music while earning a living doing what she loves.

In addition to DJing, Rosetta is also venturing into music production. She recently released her first compilation, “Chill With Rosetta D33p VOL.1,” featuring her favorite tracks by The Godfathers. She’s currently working on her debut album, “Chill With Rosetta D33p Vol. 2,” collaborating with The Godfathers on her own original tracks.

For aspiring DJs, Rosetta’s top tips include staying disciplined, being authentic, and practicing consistently to perfect your craft. She emphasizes the importance of setting goals and prioritizing actions that align with your vision.

Despite the current challenges posed by the global pandemic, Rosetta remains resilient and determined to share her music with the world. While gigs may be on hold, she plans to upload content from in-house concerts on her YouTube channel, ensuring that fans can enjoy her music from the comfort of their homes.

With her passion, talent, and unwavering dedication, Rosetta D33p is poised to make a lasting impact on the deep house scene, spreading joy and positivity through her music. Keep an eye out for her upcoming releases and be prepared to be transported to a world filled with deep beats and soulful melodies!

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