Quorusdj, Kentphoniq – Happiness ft. Lolo & INNOCENTDEEPSA

Quorusdj - Kentphoniq-Happiness ft. Lolo & INNOCENTDEEPSA

Quorusdj, Kentphoniq – Happiness  MP3 Download

The Quorusdj and Kentphoniq joint song “Happiness” features Lolo and INNOCENTDEEPSA. The song’s themes are joy and optimism, just like its namesake.

DJs Quorusdj and Kentphoniq are well-known for their work in the deep house, Afro-house, and Amapiano genres of South African music. “Happiness” might have their trademark production characteristics, such as catchy beats, upbeat songs, and soulful touches.

The song features vocals by Lolo and INNOCENTDEEPSA. Lolo delivers vocals in her own distinctive way, and INNOCENTDEEPSA’s vocal contribution gives the song depth and emotion.

The overall impression of “Happiness” is that it’s a feel-good song with a catchy beat and captivating vocals that will definitely elevate listeners‘ emotions and get them dancing.

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