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Meet Luis Miguel Font Belarmino, also known as Qmusse, a talented Spanish producer, DJ, and the owner of Reisei Records. With a slew of releases on esteemed labels like What Happens, Alma Soul Music, and Nightbird, Qmusse is making waves in the electronic music scene.


Luis’s journey into music began at a young age, with a passion for vinyl collecting sparking his interest. After participating in DJ contests and playing for audiences, he naturally transitioned into producing music. He finds inspiration for his productions through social networks and enjoys exploring new sounds through sessions on YouTube.

Drawing influence from those closest to him, Qmusse’s musical style is best described as an invitation to enjoy the moment. As a DJ, he thrives on underground vibes, with KB18 in Denmark being one of his favorite places to spin tracks.

For aspiring DJs and producers, Qmusse offers valuable advice: stay original, avoid becoming a copy of someone else, and most importantly, have a good time.

In the studio, Qmusse relies on Logic and Maschine to bring his creative visions to life. Whether planning tracks meticulously or letting ideas flow organically, his process is all about capturing the magic of the moment.

One of Qmusse’s recent tracks, “Avalon,” captures a unique energy, inspired by the rare vinyl records in his personal collection.

Looking ahead, Qmusse’s goal for 2020 is simple: to continue enjoying making music and sharing his passion with the world. With his dedication to originality and creativity, Qmusse is sure to make a lasting impact on the electronic music scene.


Here are a few standout songs from his discography:

  1. “Avalon”: This track, featured on his EP on UM Records, is a mesmerizing blend of deep house and electronic elements. With its pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies, “Avalon” transports listeners to a realm of pure sonic bliss.
  2. “Let’s Enjoy”: Reflecting his musical philosophy, “Let’s Enjoy” is a feel-good anthem that invites listeners to immerse themselves in the moment. Its upbeat rhythms and catchy hooks make it a favorite on dancefloors worldwide.
  3. “Magic of the Moment”: As the title suggests, this track captures the enchanting essence of a fleeting moment. With its lush synths and hypnotic grooves, “Magic of the Moment” is a testament to Qmusse’s talent for crafting emotive electronic music.
  4. “Groove Armada – I See You Baby (Qmusse Remix)”: Putting his own spin on a classic, Qmusse delivers a remix of Groove Armada’s iconic track “I See You Baby.” Infused with his signature style, this remix breathes new life into the beloved anthem, making it a must-have for any DJ set.
  5. “Eternal Sunshine”: With its uplifting melodies and infectious energy, “Eternal Sunshine” is a euphoric journey through shimmering synths and driving beats. It’s the perfect soundtrack for sunny days and endless adventures.

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