Pretty Samuels Biography & Age: A Journey of Love

Pretty Samuels Biography & Age: A Journey of Love

Pretty Samuels is a prominent South African businesswoman, best known as the wife of Lebo M, the renowned composer behind The Lion King. Her life story is a captivating blend of love, entrepreneurship, and the complexities of marital relationships.


Born in her 40s, Pretty Samuels resides with her husband, Lebo M, in the picturesque setting of Blair Atholl, Johannesburg. Their love story began to unfold after Pretty assumed the role of president at the Lebo M Foundation, where her path intertwined with Lebo’s. Their initial encounter blossomed into a deep and enduring connection, fueled by their shared passion for business and mutual respect for each other’s ambitions.


The exact age of Pretty Samuels is not disclosed in the provided information at the moment of the write up. However, it is mentioned that she is in her 40s.

A Journey of Love

Together, Pretty Samuels and Lebo M are the proud parents of a daughter, Nthabiseng Morake, and a 19-year-old son, embodying the essence of a close-knit family. Their journey has been marked by significant milestones, including the celebration of Pretty’s mother-in-law’s 98th birthday in March 2023 and the poignant commemoration of their late son Thembalethu’s 21st anniversary in July 2023.

However, their idyllic life took a tumultuous turn in 2023 when Lebo Morake announced his decision to divorce Pretty Samuels-Morake. This revelation shed light on the complexities of their relationship, revealing a rift exacerbated by financial disputes. Pretty Samuels attributes their marital woes to a substantial $10-million deal involving the sale of Lebo’s music catalogue in the United States. She contends that this windfall triggered their separation, as Lebo refused to provide spousal maintenance during the divorce proceedings.

In the midst of legal battles and emotional turmoil, Pretty Samuels finds solace in the support of her close associates, who provide insight into her relationship with Lebo Morake. Their accounts paint a picture of a devoted partner who made sacrifices to nurture their union, only to face disappointment and financial uncertainty. Despite the challenges, Pretty remains resilient, advocating for a fair resolution that includes financial support and a division of their shared estate.

As the saga unfolds, Pretty Samuels navigates the complexities of love and loss with grace and determination. Her story serves as a reminder of the intricate tapestry of human relationships and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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