Patrice Motsepe: A Trailblazer in Business and Philanthropy

Patrice Motsepe: A Trailblazer in Business and Philanthropy

Meet Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe, a powerhouse in South Africa’s business scene and a big player in football too!

Patrice Motsepe

Personal details
Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe

28 January 1962 (age 62)
Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria, South Africa

Precious Moloi (m. 1989)
Children 3
Relatives Tshepo Motsepe (sister)
Bridgette Radebe (sister)
Cyril Ramaphosa (brother-in-law)
Jeff Radebe (brother-in-law)
Alma mater University of Swaziland
University of the Witwatersrand
Occupation Philanthropist
Known for Founder, African Rainbow Minerals

Early Life and Education

Patrice was born on January 28, 1962, into the Motsepe family, with his dad being Kgosi Augustine Motsepe, a respected chief of the Tswana people. Growing up, Patrice learned the ropes of business from his father, who ran a Spaza shop frequented by mine workers. He soaked up valuable lessons and got firsthand experience in the mining world.

Patrice pursued his education at the University of Swaziland, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, and later at the University of the Witwatersrand, where he snagged a law degree. His focus? Mining and business law – talk about aiming high!

Career Highlights

In 1994, the same year Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president, Patrice made history himself. He became the first black partner at the law firm Bowman Gilfillan, breaking barriers left and right.

But that was just the beginning. Patrice had bigger dreams. He founded Future Mining in 1994, diving into the mining industry headfirst. His company provided contract mining services, tackling everything from cleaning gold dust in mine shafts to worker remuneration strategies.

Fast forward to 2003, Patrice took on a new challenge – he became the owner of the football club Mamelodi Sundowns. Talk about diversifying your portfolio!

Business Mogul and Football Leader

Patrice’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. He’s the brains behind African Rainbow Minerals, a company with interests in gold, ferrous metals, base metals, and platinum. Plus, he’s the founder and executive chairman – now that’s what you call a big deal!

But wait, there’s more! Since March 2021, Patrice has been at the helm of the Confederation of African Football, showing off his leadership skills both on and off the field.


Patrice isn’t just about making money – he’s about giving back too. In 2013, he joined The Giving Pledge, pledging to donate half of his wealth to charitable causes. That’s a seriously generous move!

From learning the ropes in a Spaza shop to running a football club and heading up major companies, Patrice Motsepe is a true inspiration, blazing trails and making waves in South Africa and beyond.\

Net worth

Motsepe’s not just about making money – he’s about making a difference too. Alongside his wife, Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe, he founded the Motsepe Foundation, dedicated to improving education, health, and economic opportunities in South Africa. With an estimated net worth of around $3.2 billion, Motsepe’s not just one of the wealthiest individuals in Africa – he’s also one of the most generous.


Here are just a few of his standout accolades:

  1. Forbes Africa Person of the Year (2013): This prestigious award celebrates Motsepe’s outstanding business achievements and his significant philanthropic endeavors across the African continent.
  2. Sunday Times Lifetime Achievement Award (2014): Recognizing his remarkable contributions to the South African business landscape, this award is a testament to Motsepe’s lasting impact.
  3. South African Presidential Order of Honor (2016): Bestowed upon him by former President Jacob Zuma, this honor acknowledges Motsepe’s pivotal role in driving economic and social progress in South Africa.
  4. United Nations Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate – Special Recognition Award (2019): Motsepe’s commitment to sustainable water management earns him this special recognition, highlighting his leadership in environmental stewardship.
  5. Time 100 Most Influential People in the World (2020): Making it onto Time magazine’s prestigious list, Motsepe is hailed as one of the world’s most influential figures, thanks to his philanthropic endeavors and business leadership that transcend borders.


Q: Who is Patrice Motsepe?

A: Patrice Motsepe is a renowned South African businessman and philanthropist known for his significant contributions to business, philanthropy, and social development in South Africa and beyond.

Q: What is Patrice Motsepe known for?

A: Patrice Motsepe is best known as the founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals (ARM), one of South Africa’s leading mining companies. He is also recognized for his philanthropic work through the Motsepe Foundation, focusing on education, health, and economic development.

Q: When was Patrice Motsepe born?

A: Patrice Motsepe was born on January 28, 1962, in Soweto, South Africa.

Q: What awards has Patrice Motsepe received?

A: Patrice Motsepe has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Forbes Africa Person of the Year (2013), Sunday Times Lifetime Achievement Award (2014), South African Presidential Order of Honor (2016), United Nations Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate – Special Recognition Award (2019), and being named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World (2020).

Q: What is the Motsepe Foundation?

A: The Motsepe Foundation is a philanthropic organization founded by Patrice Motsepe and his wife, Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe. It focuses on various social issues, including education, health, and economic empowerment, with the aim of improving the lives of South Africans.

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