Pastor Mukhuba Biography: A Controversial Figure in South African Ministry

Pastor Mukhuba Biography: A Controversial Figure in South African Ministry

Pastor Mukhuba, a dynamic and outspoken Christian leader, has made a significant impact on her community through her powerful ministry. Hailing from the Venda province of South Africa, Pastor Mukhuba’s early life remains shrouded in mystery, with details about her exact age undisclosed.

Pastor Mukhuba

  • Full name: Pastor Mpfariseni Mukhuba
  • Date of birth: Not known
  • Pastor Mukhuba age: Not known
  • Marital status: Married
  • Husband: Dr. Theophilus Mukhuba
  • Nationality: South African
  • Occupation: Pastor, clinical psychologist
  • Church: Unity Fellowship Church

In 2003, Pastor Mukhuba was ordained, marking the beginning of her journey as a spiritual leader. The following year, she founded the Unity Fellowship Church in Soweto, which quickly gained traction and grew in both influence and size. Over the years, her congregation expanded, prompting the establishment of a branch in Cape Town in 2015. Plans are underway for the construction of another expansive church on a vast expanse of land in Eikenhof, Johannesburg.

The Unity Fellowship Church boasts its own television channel, the Unity Broadcasting Network (UBN), providing followers with access to Pastor Mukhuba’s sermons and church events. Additionally, her presence extends to digital platforms, with a dedicated YouTube channel where viewers can tune in to live streams and watch archived content.

However, Pastor Mukhuba’s journey has not been without controversy. In February 2021, she made headlines when she and several of her followers were arrested by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department during a Sunday service. The arrest followed complaints from residents about noise disturbances during the service, leading to a confrontation between congregants and law enforcement officers. Charges including assault, public violence, and contravention of Covid-19 regulations were leveled against her and others involved.

In the aftermath of her arrest, Pastor Mukhuba drew further attention when she publicly expressed a wish for the death of the police officers involved, sparking a divisive response from the public.

Beyond her role as a spiritual leader, Pastor Mukhuba is a recognizable figure both within South Africa and beyond. While her presence on the pulpit is widely known, she remains a complex and enigmatic personality, with facets of her life beyond her ministry occasionally revealed through glimpses in the public eye.

In a recent interview

Pastor Mukhuba shed light on her upcoming three-day endeavor at the City Sports Centre in Harare, termed the “Zimbabwe Crusade.” The primary objective of this mission, according to her, is to bring salvation, healing, and deliverance to the people of Zimbabwe, aligning with God’s divine will.

Born and raised in South Africa’s Venda Province, Pastor Mukhuba’s journey towards ministry began early in her life. After embracing Christianity during her high school years in 1982, she pursued higher education, earning an honours degree in Applied Psychology and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the Universities of Venda and Witwatersrand, respectively.

Ordained as a pastor in 2003, Pastor Mukhuba established Unity Fellowship Church in January 2004, starting humbly in a classroom in Soweto. However, the overwhelming response quickly outgrew the space, necessitating the move to larger venues and eventually leading to the establishment of her own TV channel, Unity Broadcasting Network (UBN), in February 2011.

Addressing the issue of women’s roles in the church, Pastor Mukhuba remains steadfast in her conviction that God’s anointing transcends gender barriers. Despite facing challenges and criticism due to her gender, she remains focused on serving her divine calling rather than succumbing to detractors.

Married to Dr Mukhuba, an academic who supports her ministry wholeheartedly, Pastor Mukhuba emphasizes the importance of family support in her endeavors. With three children and a thriving private practice in clinical psychology, she attributes her success to divine enablement and unwavering familial backing.

Through Unity Fellowship Church, Pastor Mukhuba emphasizes the core belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of the Living God, fostering a community of faith centered on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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