Oriiginelle’s Latest Single ‘Expensive Hunger’

Oriiginelle’s Latest Single ‘Expensive Hunger’

Oriiginelle starts 2024 with her debut single of the year, “Expensive Hunger.” Produced by Soduh Beats, the track draws from Oriiginelle’s personal experiences, exploring the struggles she faces while striving for success. She openly discusses the high costs, both financially and emotionally, associated with her ambition.

In “Expensive Hunger,” Oriiginelle reflects on her journey towards success, shedding light on the sacrifices she’s made along the way, including the loss of relationships and friendships. The title itself symbolizes her relentless desire for validation and achievement, illustrating the steep price she’s willing to pay for her dreams.

Throughout the song, Oriiginelle navigates the challenges of balancing ambition with inner peace, offering insight into the complexities of pursuing one’s goals. She also touches on the importance of family support amidst the pressures of chasing success.

The production of “Expensive Hunger” features a unique blend of smooth melodies and gritty elements, capturing the essence of Oriiginelle’s introspective lyrics. From the outset, the song draws listeners in with its depth and intensity, creating an immersive listening experience.

In summary, “Expensive Hunger” is a compelling exploration of the human experience, showcasing Oriiginelle’s artistry and her ability to convey raw emotions through her music.

Stream ‘Expensive Hunger’ below:

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