Mobi Dixon Biography & Facts

Mobi Dixon Biography & Facts

Mabi Ntuli, better known as Mobi Dixon, is a talented DJ and music producer from South Africa. His journey in music began back in the late 1990s when he started creating beats for hip hop artists while still in school. After completing his studies, including a diploma in Sound Engineering and Information Technology, Mobi established his own recording label in 2007.

Mobi Dixon

Birth name Mabi Ntuli
  • DJ
  • music producer
Years active 2008–present
Labels Sony

One of his early successes was winning the DJU/AXE remix competition in 2008. This victory paved the way for his career in music production. In 2012, Mobi Dixon produced the album “Dinaledi” by DJ Vetkuk and Mahoota, showcasing his growing reputation in the industry.


However, it was his single “City Rains,” featuring Mque, that propelled him to greater fame. Released in 2014, the song climbed to number three on the charts, setting the stage for the release of his debut studio album, “Tribal Soul.” The album soared to number one on iTunes and achieved platinum status in South Africa.

Mobi Dixon continued to make waves with his music, signing a record deal with Sony Entertainment Africa and House Afrika Records in 2016. His second studio album, “Live the Music,” was a massive success, earning gold certification and winning the Best Dance Album award at the 2017 Metro FM Awards.

Throughout his career, Mobi Dixon has collaborated with various artists, producing hits like “Trigger” featuring Inga Hina and “Ezizweni” featuring Berita. His passion for music led to the release of several albums, including “10 Steps Forward” in 2018 and “When House Was a House” in 2021.


Here’s a list of his albums:

  1. Tribal Soul (2014): This debut studio album by Mobi Dixon achieved platinum certification by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA). It includes hit tracks like “City Rains,” featuring Mque, which debuted at number three in South Africa.
  2. Live the Music (2016): Mobi Dixon’s second studio album, “Live the Music,” was another major success. It earned gold certification and won the Best Dance Album award at the 2017 Metro FM Awards.
  3. 10 Steps Forward (2018): Released in 2018, “10 Steps Forward” is another notable album in Mobi Dixon’s discography. It features a diverse range of tracks that showcase his evolution as an artist.
  4. When House Was a House (2021): This album, released in November 2021, marked another milestone in Mobi Dixon’s career. It features collaborations with artists like Mariechan and JNR and explores the essence of house music.
  5. Mobi Tek (2022): Mobi Dixon’s fourth studio album, “Mobi Tek,” was released in 2022. It features the lead single “Banike,” featuring the popular South African group Mafikizolo, and continues to showcase his unique style and sound

In 2022, Mobi Dixon embarked on the exciting “2 Leg Mobi Tek Tour,” promoting his fourth studio album, “Mobi Tek.” The album features the lead single “Banike,” featuring the popular South African group Mafikizolo.


Here are some notable songs by Mobi Dixon:

  1. “City Rains” (feat. Mque): This track, featured on his debut album “Tribal Soul,” became a massive hit and solidified Mobi Dixon’s presence in the South African music scene.
  2. Trigger” (feat. Inga Hina): Released as the lead single from his second studio album “Live the Music,” “Trigger” showcases Mobi Dixon’s signature sound and production style.
  3. Ezizweni” (feat. Berita): This collaboration with Zimbabwean-born singer Berita garnered attention for its infectious beat and soulful vocals, becoming a fan favorite.
  4. “Bhutiza” (feat. Nichume): Another popular track by Mobi Dixon, “Bhutiza” featuring Nichume, captivated audiences with its catchy melody and energetic rhythm.
  5. “Kobanini” (feat. Nomcebo Zikode & T-Love): This collaboration with Nomcebo Zikode and co-producer T-Love further solidified Mobi Dixon’s reputation as a hitmaker within the dance music genre.
  6. When House Was a House” (feat. Mariechan & JNR): A standout track from his album of the same name, “When House Was a House” explores the nostalgic elements of house music while infusing modern production techniques.
  7. “Banike” (feat. Mafikizolo): As the lead single from his album “Mobi Tek,” “Banike” featuring Mafikizolo showcases Mobi Dixon’s ability to create infectious dance tracks with mass appeal.

Mobi Dixon’s journey in music has been marked by dedication, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With his distinctive sound and electrifying performances, he continues to captivate audiences around the world.

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