Kid Fonque South African electronic DJ

Kid Fonque South African electronic DJ

Kid Fonque is a name that spring up at end of 2019, but he’s a DJ, Producer, Label Owner, Promoter, and Radio Host who has been shaping South African electronic music for the last 20 years, breaking a number of big names and tirelessly promoting new South African music across many genres.

His personal approach encompasses everything from broken beats to Bossa nova, hip hop, and house, and because to his Stay True music label, he’s introduced a global audience to the best of South African music, and I’ve become a bit of a fan!

He grew up in a musical environment; my father enjoys music, and my interest in music began with him. When I was in my teens, we would go CD shopping, and he introduced me to a wide range of sounds, from classical to soul and rock.

He was fully influenced by music from the opposite side of House Music. I grew up listening to Coldcut and DJ Food mixes from the Ninja Tune Label, as well as Mo’ Wax and James Lavelle, and was completely obsessed with Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide; you could say I was immersed in the UK’s independent musical scene and faithfully listened to BBC DJs.

He see himself as all in one, as DJ, Producer, Label Owner, Promoter, Radio Host, His┬ádays are busy with all of those responsibilities, whether it’s signing new music for my label, picking music for my radio show, or advertising my monthly events.

Kid Fonque’s ability defies all limits, whether they be genres or borders. The industry respects him because of his no-compromise approach to playing and making music. Rather of following trends, Kid Fonque has always gone his own way. Importantly, every record he selects bears all of the hallmarks of the Kid Fonque sound, which serves as a golden thread that connects all of his shows. Fonque’s pallet encompasses everything from Bass.

Kid Fonque popular songs:

  1. “What I Do” (feat. Nia Andrews)
  2. “2sides” (feat. Ziyon)
  3. “Usangikhumbula” (feat. ASAP Shembe)
  4. “Connected Beings” (feat. ASAP Shembe)
  5. “In Love (Feat. Sio)”
  6. “Life Is Real” (feat. Ruby White)
  7. “Love” (feat. Jonny Miller)
  8. “Get Off Ya Ass” (feat. DK & The Doctor)
  9. “Somewhere” (feat. Jono McCleery)
  10. “Truth” (feat. Jonny Miller)

He strated the label with my longtime friend Jullian Gomes. they always planned to launch a label when he left Soul Candi, and when that time came, they did. Jullian was a part of the label for the first two years before deciding to go solo. Since then, he continued to work with the label, which is without a doubt one of South Africa’s largest independent house labels.

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