Get To Know The South African Band: Kongos

Get To Know The South African Band: Kongos

Meet KONGOS – the alt-rock sensation made up of four brothers: Dylan, Johnny, Jesse, and Daniel. Born in South Africa but now based in Austin, Texas, these guys have been rocking stages together for years.

Kongos (band)

Origin Pretoria, South Africa
  • Alternative rock
  • kwaito
  • hard rock
Years active 2003–present
  • Tokoloshe
  • Epic
  • Rock All Night Productions LLC
  • Dylan Kongos
  • Johnny Kongos
  • Jesse Kongos
  • Daniel Kongos


Growing up in East London, South Africa, the Kongos brothers were surrounded by music from an early age. Their dad, John Kongos, is a recording artist himself, so you could say music runs in their blood. After moving to the US, they attended Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, and later Arizona State University. Fun fact: they’re not just South African – their heritage includes Greek, American, and Mexican roots. Talk about a diverse background!


  • Dylan Kongos: He’s the lead vocalist and can handle the bass, rhythm, and lead guitar like a pro. Plus, he’s got skills on the keyboards and as a programmer.
  • Johnny Kongos: This multi-talented guy rocks the accordion and keyboards while adding his vocals to the mix. He’s also a wizard with programming.
  • Jesse Kongos: Behind the drums and percussion, Jesse keeps the beat alive and adds his vocals to the harmonies. And yes, he’s also a whiz with programming.
  • Daniel Kongos: Formerly on rhythm guitar, Daniel now shines as the lead guitarist and adds his voice to the band’s sound.

With their blend of influences and musical talents, KONGOS is taking the alternative rock scene by storm.


Lunatic (2011–2015)

KONGOS’ journey into the spotlight kicked off with their second album, Lunatic, which dropped in 2012. The single “I’m Only Joking” skyrocketed to the top of South African charts, dominating the airwaves and music video rotations. Their track “Come with Me Now” followed suit, gaining massive popularity and even making waves in the United States. With its feature in WWE’s Extreme Rules and the movie The Expendables 3, the band caught the attention of Epic Records, leading to a re-release of Lunatic. “Come with Me Now” became a certified Platinum hit, selling over a million copies.

Egomaniac (2016)

In 2016, KONGOS teased fans with the announcement of their third album, Egomaniac, slated for release in June. The lead single, “Take It from Me”, set the stage for their signature blend of alt-rock goodness. As anticipation built, the band embarked on their official Egomaniac tour, promising electrifying performances and new musical experiences.

The Front Lounge, Bus Call and 1929 (2017–present)

Transitioning into 2017, KONGOS embarked on a new venture with the launch of their podcast, The Front Lounge. This laid the groundwork for their documentary Bus Call, chronicling their life on the road during their extensive tours. Amidst this excitement, the band tantalized fans with hints about their fourth album, 1929. The first part of the album was unveiled in January 2019, followed by the second installment later that year in October, marking yet another chapter in KONGOS’ musical odyssey.

As KONGOS continue to evolve and captivate audiences worldwide, their legacy in the alternative rock scene only grows stronger.


  • Kongos (2007)
  • Lunatic (2012)
  • Egomaniac (2016)
  • 1929, Pt. 1 (2019)
  • 1929, Pt. 2 (2019)
  • 1929, Pt. 3 (2022)


Here are some notable songs by Kongos from their various albums:

From “Kongos” (2007):

  1. “In the Music”
  2. “Escape”
  3. “It’s a Good Life”

From “Lunatic” (2012):

  1. “I’m Only Joking”
  2. “Come with Me Now”
  3. “I Want to Know”
  4. “Hey I Don’t Know”
  5. “Take Me Back”

From “Egomaniac” (2016):

  1. “Take It from Me”
  2. “I Don’t Mind”
  3. “Autocorrect”
  4. “Birds Do It”

From “1929, Pt. 1” (2019):

  1. “Pay for the Weekend”
  2. “Something New”
  3. “Keep Your Head”

From “1929, Pt. 2” (2019):

  1. “Everything Must Go”
  2. “When You’re Here”

From “1929, Pt. 3” (2022):

  1. (Song list to be updated upon release)

These are just a few highlights from their discography. Each album contains a unique blend of alternative rock, indie, and other genres, showcasing Kongos’ versatility as a band.

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