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Ugatsheni – Uyihlo Nonyoko Album

Ugatsheni, a prominent figure in the African music scene, has recently released his new album titled “Uyihlo Nonyoko.” This album, which came out in late 2023, showcases a blend of traditional Maskandi music with modern elements, reflecting Ugatsheni’s deep cultural roots and his ability to adapt to contemporary musical trends​.

The album consists of 14 tracks, featuring collaborations with well-known artists like Big Zulu, Kwazi Nsele, Umfoka Msezana, Sne Ntuli, and Jumbo. Some of the standout tracks include “Hit After Hit,” “Ngicula Isingisi” featuring Big Zulu, and “Izinyokanyoka” featuring Umfoka Msezana. Each track brings a unique story and emotional depth, maintaining a strong connection to African heritage while appealing to a broad audience​.

“Uyihlo Nonyoko” is available for streaming and download on major platforms such as YouTube and Deezer, offering fans a rich musical journey that honors tradition while embracing modernity. This album is expected to further solidify Ugatsheni’s reputation as a versatile and influential artist in the Maskandi genre​.

Here is the complete tracklist for the album:

  1. Hit After Hit
  2. Ngicula Isingisi (feat. Big Zulu)
  3. Ayibe neMali Indoda
  4. Gender Base Violence (feat. Kwazi Nsele)
  5. Isiqhwaga
  6. Nkulunkulu wamabhinca
  7. Izinyokanyoka (feat. Umfoka Msezana)
  8. Obhuti abadala
  9. Isithombe Sami
  10. Uyihlo nonyoko
  11. Yaphela imali yami
  12. Uthando
  13. Ngingumuntu womuntu (feat. Sne Ntuli)
  14. Igama Lakhe (feat. Jumbo)
  15. Ngikhumbule Umama
  16. Unedimoni

This tracklist reflects Ugatsheni’s dedication to addressing a range of social issues while celebrating cultural heritage through his music​

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