DJ Kent – Horns In The Sun ft. Brenden Praise, Morda & Mo-T [Thakzin Remix]

DJ Kent - Horns In The Sun ft. Brenden Praise, Morda & Mo-T [Thakzin Remix]

DJ Kent – Horns In The Sun MP3 Download

Horns In The Sun” is a track originally by DJ Kent featuring Brenden Praise, Morda, and Mo-T, which was remixed by Thakzin.

DJ Kent is a well-known South African DJ and producer, recognized for his contributions to the house music scene. Brenden Praise is a vocalist who often collaborates with DJ Kent and other artists in the house music genre. Morda and Mo-T are likely to contribute vocals or instrumental elements to the track.

Thakzin, on the other hand, is a South African DJ and producer known for his remixes and original productions within the house music genre.

The “Horns In The Sun” remix by Thakzin is likely to feature his signature style, which may include vibrant beats, atmospheric elements, and dynamic arrangements. It’s common for remixes to bring a fresh perspective to the original track, often with new instrumental or vocal elements added to the mix.

Overall, the remix is expected to maintain the energy and vibe of the original while infusing Thakzin’s unique creative touch. Unfortunately, without specific release dates or further details, this is a general interpretation based on the typical characteristics of the artists involved.

The song has been released on a number of sites, such as YouTube and Apple Music, and has drawn praise for the musicians’ synergistic collaboration and distinctive style.

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