Dj Fresh House Flava 1 Mix

dj fresh

“House Flava 1” is a compilation album in the “House Flava” series, mixed by DJ Fresh. The “House Flava” series is known for featuring a curated selection of house music tracks from various artists and producers, showcasing the latest trends and sounds in the house music scene.

DJ Fresh, also known as Big Dawg, is a prominent South African DJ, producer, and radio personality. He has been instrumental in promoting house music in South Africa and has a large following of fans who appreciate his energetic DJ sets and innovative music productions.

“House Flava 1” is the first installment in the series, and it likely includes a mix of deep house, soulful house, and other sub-genres of house music. The album is designed to appeal to house music enthusiasts and fans of DJ Fresh’s style.


  1. Crustation – Flame (Mood II Swing Vocal Mix)
  2. Presence – Better Day
  3. Mysterious People – Love Revolution (Mood II Swing Remix 2)
  4. Abstract Truth – (We Had) A Thing (Matty’s Body & Soul Remix)
  5. Mood II Swing – All Night Long
  6. Shèna – Let The Beat Hit’ Em [Original 12” Mix]
  7. Giant Step NYC – Satsuki (Danny’s Naked Version)
  8. Glenn Underground Presents The S.J.U. Project – All Love
  9. Mood II Swing – Ohh
  10. 95 North Presents Laura Harris – Bring Back The Love (London To DC Dub)
  11. Romanthony Presents Naida – Do You Think You Can Love Me (Tru-Skool Vocal #14))
  12. Chez Damier – Close

If you’re interested in listening or Mp3 Download to “House Flava 1” or exploring more about DJ Fresh and his music, you can check out music streaming platforms or online music stores where the album may be available for listening or purchase.

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