Buselaphi – Umendo

Buselaphi - Umendo

Buselaphi Umendo: “Umendo” is indeed an album by the South African Maskandi musician Buselaphi. Released in 2018, the album features a collection of songs that delve into various aspects of Zulu culture, traditions, and daily life. Buselaphi’s music is known for its authentic representation of the Maskandi genre, which typically incorporates elements of storytelling, social commentary, and rhythmic guitar melodies.

Buselaphi is known for her contributions to the Maskandi music genre, which is a style of traditional Zulu music. Her music often reflects the rich cultural heritage of South Africa, incorporating elements of folk music, storytelling, and indigenous instruments.

Some of the tracks featured on the “Umendo” album include:

  1. Umendo
  2. Inkosi Ngonyama
  3. Ngikhathele
  4. Indodana ka Gaduka
  5. Uqhosha ngamadolo
  6. Amagama eBhaca

These songs showcase Buselaphi’s vocal prowess and her ability to captivate audiences with her emotive performances and poignant lyrics. “Umendo” is a testament to Buselaphi’s talent and her dedication to preserving and celebrating Zulu culture through her music.

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