ANC Songs: South Africa Freedom Songs

ANC songs

ANC songs is a the African National Congress (ANC), a political party in South Africa. These songs have historical significance and were often used during the struggle against apartheid to inspire and mobilize people.

Here are some notable ANC songs:

  1. “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika” – Originally composed as a hymn, this song became an anthem of the anti-apartheid movement and is now part of South Africa’s national anthem.
  2. “Umshini Wami” – This song became well-known during Jacob Zuma’s rise in the ANC, with the title translating to “Bring Me My Machine Gun.”
  3. “Siyahamba” – A South African hymn that means “We are Marching” in Zulu. It was often sung at protests and gatherings.
  4. “Asimbonanga” by Johnny Clegg – This song was dedicated to Nelson Mandela and other anti-apartheid activists.
  5. “Soweto Blues” by Miriam Makeba – A song that addresses the 1976 Soweto Uprising, a key moment in the struggle against apartheid.

Here are the songs from the ANC songs playlist on YouTube:

  1. “ANC asinavalo” – Sphelele Maphisa
  3. “Thina Maqabane” – Kris Berwouts
  4. “Struggle Songs for Mandela” – Josh Goodman
  5. “Umkhonto we Sizwe ANC Choir” – Kris Berwouts
  6. “Freedom is Coming Tomorrow” – Sarafina Soundtrack
  7. “Asimbonanga” – Johnny Clegg
  8. “Lilizela Mlilizeli” – African National Congress Choir
  9. “Umzabalazo” – ANC Songs
  10. “Sicela Uxolo noThando” – Thandanani Ngcobo
  11. “Umhlaba Wethu” – Thandanani Ngcobo
  12. “Oliver Tambo Bambi’sandla Sam” – ANC Choir
  13. “ANC SONGS – THUMA MINA” – Big O
  14. “Ntate Modise” – Amaqabane Featuring Blondie Makhene
  15. “Mina Ngohlahla Ngi Nje” – ANC Election Album 2019
  16. “UMOYA WAM UYAVUMA” – Mhlekazi (MMG)

For more details and to listen to these songs, you can check out the full playlist on YouTube Music.


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